For the historical servers, see Old School RuneScape.

A concise list of things that happened in RuneScape in 2007.

Major Events & Updates Edit

  • Barbarian Assault, Sorceress's Garden, Impetuous Impulses and Barbarian Training are released this year.
  • The Wilderness ditch is added to the game to prevent players from accidentally entering the wilderness.
  • The Achievement Diary is added.
  • Clan Chat (now known as Friends Chat) feature is added to the game.
  • Themed worlds are released.
  • God Wars Dungeon is released which introduces the godswords, dragon boots, bandos armour, and armadyl armour.
  • The Grand Exchange is added to the game.
  • The Wilderness is turned into a non-pvp zone and Clan Wars and Bounty Hunter are released.
  • The Pay to PK Riots begin as a result of the removal of the wilderness.






"Mod Ash accidentally deleted some of the level-up messages for Construction a few months ago. We've now finally noticed, so these have been put back. He says he's sorry."

This sparked several rude and inappropriate responses attacking Mod Ash on the Rants section of the official forums, forcing Jagex's forum moderators to lock the threads.





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