Abyssal orphan chathead

The Abyssal orphan is a boss pet that resembles the scions that are encountered during the Abyssal Sire boss fight.

Players have a 5/128 chance of obtaining the abyssal orphan when they place an unsired on the Font of Consumption behind The Overseer, effectively giving players a 1/2,560 chance of obtaining the pet. When a player receives the pet a message will appear in the chatbox stating The Font appears to have revitalised the Unsired!

On death, if a player loses their pet (as a follower or in your inventory) it will wander around for 30 seconds before disappearing completely.

Players can pay a one-time fee of 500,000 coins to Probita in East Ardougne to have this pet insured. Should the pet be lost while insured, it can be reclaimed for 1,000,000 coins.


  • Abyssal orphan: You killed my father.
  • Option 1
    • Player: Yeah, don't take it personally.
    • Abyssal orphan: In his dying moment, my father poured his last ounce of strength into my creation. My being is formed from his remains.
    • Abyssal orphan: When your own body is consumed to nourish the Nexus, and an army of scions arises from your corpse, I trust you will not take it personally either.
  • Option 2 - if the player is male
    • Player: No, I am your father.
    • Abyssal orphan: No you're not.
  • Option 2 - if the player is female
    • Player: No, I am your father.
    • Abyssal orphan: Human biology may be unfamiliar to me, but nevertheless I doubt that very much.


  • Upon release, the pet simply appeared as a larger version of spawns that were encountered during the fight with the Abyssal Sire. They were given a graphical update three weeks later in an update on 22 October 2015.
  • The pet has the highest drop rate for a one-off pet at 5/128 (1/25.6). This is due to the time it takes to obtain an unsired, whose drop rate is 1/100.
  • Dialogue Option 2 may be a reference to The Empire Strikes Back where Darth Vader informs Luke that he is in fact his father, followed by Luke dismissing the claim as impossible.

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