Adventure (#18)
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Release Date 15 March 2004 (Update)
Members No
Quest No
Unlock location This track was unlocked automatically.
MIDI Instruments
Trombone,Trumpet, Synth Bass 2, Acoustic Grand Piano, Drum Kit, Choir Aahs, Oboe, Basson, Flute, Pizzicato Strings, Melodic Tom, Streings Ensemble 2, Orchestral Harp
Duration 02:34
Composer Ian Taylor
Adventure (music track) map
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Adventure is a music track that was unlocked at the Varrock Palace. It is now unlocked automatically for new players and no longer plays on its own.


  • When music tracks were first added, Adventure was the first on the list alphabetically which likely makes it the default music track to play in the event of a music related bug.

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