Aemad's Adventuring Supplies is the general store in East Ardougne. It is owned by Aemad, and his assistant Kortan is also there. Although it does not sell the default items of a normal general store, it sells several items used in quests around RuneScape.

This general store is useful for buying and banking (in the nearby bank) vials of water and selling cakes, silk, and other items stolen from the nearby market stalls.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
Vial of water Vial of water 500 2 0 4
Water-filled vial pack Water-filled vial pack 250 261 80 Not sold
Bronze pickaxe Bronze pickaxe 2 1 0 55
Iron axe Iron axe 2 72 22 38
Cooked meat Cooked meat 2 5 1 22
Tinderbox Tinderbox 2 1 0 50
Ball of wool Ball of wool 30 2 0 38
Bronze arrow 5 Bronze arrow 500 1 0 6
Rope Rope 20 23 7 56
Papyrus Papyrus 50 13 4 216
Knife Knife 2 7 2 101

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