Agility Pyramid Mine
Agility Pyramid mine
Also known as? Nardah Mine, Sophanem Gold Mine
Location North-west of Agility Pyramid
Members only? Yes
Rocks 5 Gold rocks
Monsters No
Requirements None
Icthlarin's Little Helper 1

The mine is north of the Wanderer's tent.


The Agility Pyramid mine is located just north of the Wanderer's tent from Icthlarin's Little Helper. It contains five gold rocks. Due to the distance from any bank and the desert effect, it isn't considered a very good place to gather gold. The closest bank is at Sophanem, which is only accessible after the completion of the Contact! quest.

Players can bank easily in Sophanem after completing the quests Contact! and Icthlarin's Little Helper through entering the "rock" just to the south, which brings them directly into Sophanem into the building just beside where they emerge.

Ways to get thereEdit

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