Agility training involves a lot of point-clicking and takes a lot of focus to maximize experience gain. Higher Agility level increases a character's ability to regenerate run energy and grants access to various shortcuts. Due to its repetitive nature and slow experience rates, Agility can be considered one of the most tedious skills to train.

To maximize experience rates, players should always run, keep their weight at 0 or below, and use energy/super energy/Stamina potions if necessary. Players who are failing the obstacles constantly and/or with low Hitpoints should also bring some food to restore health. As players are able to move to the next obstacle immediately after the experience drop, it is very useful to have "Show experience drops" turned on for visual cue.

Marks of graceEdit

Mark of grace detail

Marks of grace can be obtained while training on any of the Rooftop Agility Courses. These can be used to purchase the pieces of the graceful outfit, to purchase amylase crystals or recolour existing pieces of the graceful outfit. Pick up the marks as soon as you see them as they disappear after 10 minutes if not picked up.

Considering the GE price of amylase crystals, each mark of grace is worth 8,180.

Multi-skilling while training AgilityEdit

For efficiency, many players also train Magic by casting High Level Alchemy or Magic Imbue between obstacles (also known as multi-skilling); the same can be applied to Fletching by making broad bolts. Players should still prioritize Agility training and not let multi-skilling affect experience rates, as otherwise the extra experience in other skills would come at the cost of lower Agility experience. Therefore, to keep experience rates up, it is advised that players start moving towards the next obstacle and only then train other skill, and immediately after that click again to move to the next obstacle. This makes doing the Agility courses more click-intensive, however it should be noted that the extra experience gained by training another skill while doing Agility courses saves a considerable amount of time training that particular skill, especially if this is done for longer periods of time.

Barbarian FishingEdit

Barbarian Fishing, besides giving Fishing experience, also grants small amounts of Agility (and Strength) experience. Level 15 Agility is required to catch leaping trout, level 30 to catch leaping salmon and level 45 to catch leaping sturgeon. Leveling Fishing from 58 to 99 by Barbarian Fishing would elevate a level 31 Agility to 74. If you plan to get 99 fishing at any point it is highly recommended to do Barbarian Fishing as soon as possible, as it would save at least 24 hours of agility training from level 31-74, and allow you to skip right to the Seer's Village course, one of the best agility courses in the game.

Levels 1-32Edit

Completing Recruitment Drive, The Tourist Trap (using experience on Agility two times) and The Grand Tree quests will grant a total of 18,200 experience, elevating a level 1 Agility to 32. This allows you to skip all the early level courses and move straight to Varrock Agility Course.

Alternatively, completing only Recruitment Drive grants 1,000 experience, putting you quite close to level 10. Using a single dose of agility potion, you can complete the 2 laps of the Draynor Village Agility Course required to hit level 10. This method allows you to start training Agility without making the trip to the Tree Gnome Stronghold.

Levels 1-10Edit

If questing is not an option, Gnome Stronghold Agility Course is the only available training option from levels 1-10 and will earn a maximum of 8,000 experience per hour, with 86.5 experience per run. Brimhaven Agility Arena is also available at this level, but the experience rate is very low.

Two four-dose energy potions should suffice to ensure that your run energy is never fully depleted, if training from level 1 to 10 Agility.

Levels 10-20Edit

Draynor Village Agility Course laps yield a maximum of 9,000 experience per hour, with 120 experience per successful run. With a sufficient Hitpoints level, a player will not require any food to train from level 10 to level 20 Agility. This takes approximately 27 laps to reach level 20.

Levels 20-25/30Edit

Al Kharid Agility Course laps yield a maximum of 10,900 experience per hour, with 180 experience per successful run. It will take roughly 50 laps to hit 30.

Levels 25-30Edit

Werewolf Skullball offers around 10,000-12,000 experience per hour. For this method you will need to have completed the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest and you need to be wearing a ring of charos. The Werewolf Skullball Course is located south-east of Canifis, you don't need food for this course, but energy potions would boost your experience. 

Levels 30-35/40Edit

Laps at the Varrock Agility Course yield 238 experience each, for a maximum of about 13,200 experience per hour. If you go from level 30-40 at Varrock Agility Course it will take roughly 100 laps, including falls. Unless you have under 20 hp you should not need food either.

Levels 35-40Edit

The Barbarian Outpost is a good way to train from level 35 onwards. You must complete Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl miniquest before you can use the outpost. Each lap gives 153.5 Agility experience, including the bonus of 46.5 experience on the last obstacle. You can complete the course in about 35–45 seconds. Maximum experience rate here is about 15,500 an hour. Food is advised, however, there are chickens and trees nearby if you wish to cook your food once you are there. Alternatively, you can bring a games necklace and teleport back when you die. Players who are interested in obtaining marks of grace may wish to continue with the Varrock Agility Course until 40, as they are only awarded by Rooftop Agility Courses.

Levels 40-47/50/52/60Edit

The Canifis Agility Course provides excellent experience for this level of Agility; maximum experience rate is about 19,000 experience per hour but you will average around 16,000 per hour with some fails. Each lap gives 240 Agility experience. It is also one of the fastest places to collect marks of grace, making this course a viable option. You can expect to collect on average 15 marks of grace per hour. Some players will do this course until 60 Agility, when they can access the Seers' Village Rooftop Course.

Levels 40+ (alternative)Edit

One possible method of training past level 40 is the Brimhaven Agility Arena. Some players find the extra challenge and less repetitive nature of this method appealing. Experience rates vary greatly. Players must bring 200 coins to enter the arena. It is also recommended that players take a reasonable amount of food, and a few agility potions to counteract the effects of failing the stat-lowering obstacles. Summer pies can be very helpful here, as each bite heals 11 hp, raises your agility by 5, and restores 10% run energy.

Levels 47/52-60Edit

Wilderness Agility Course offers fastest experience below 60 Agility. 52 Agility is required to enter the course, but you can also use a summer pie to boost from level 47. However, 49 Agility is required to pass the pipe obstacle, requiring occasional re-boosting if below. This course awards a total of 571.4 experience per lap.

At best, players can get 45,000 experience an hour using stamina potions and/or energy potions without failing. At level 52-60 one can expect an average of about 35,000 experience an hour using energy potions.

The best way to get there is by using the Ice Plateau Teleport from the Ancient or Lunar spellbooks. An alternate method is to use the teleport lever in Ardougne (a knife is needed) or the teleport lever in Edgeville too.

Players training here should risk as little as possible because of pkers. Energy potions are recommended to be used always, and cheap food is also recommended not only to defend against pkers, but also for those with low agility who will fail the course often. A knife would also be a good choice as it would allow players to cut the webs leading to the Mage Arena bank. As most players will most likely not have the full Graceful set bonus by this level, bringing the minimum to have negative carry weight is optimal. It may be wise to only wear Boots of lightness as they are very easy to replace, instead of risking expensive Graceful pieces.

Those confident in their combat abilities could wear light armour, weapons, and other gear in their inventory to combat PKers; they are usually lightly armored themselves, and will skull on weak-looking players running the course.

Levels 50-52/60Edit

The Falador Agility Course offers around 22,000 experience per hour at level 50 including failures, and will increase as you level and fail less. You gain 440 experience per lap. At 52, you may decide to go to the Wilderness course, otherwise you can continue at the Falador course if you want to keep getting Marks of grace. But if you are looking to just get marks of grace, go to the Canifis rooftops.

Levels 60-90Edit

From level 60 to 90, the Seers' Village Agility Course is the best option for those who have completed the hard tasks in Kandarin Diary. Completion of the tasks allows the player to toggle the Camelot Teleport location next to Seers' bank, which significantly reduces travelling time between laps, resulting average experience rate to 54,000-55,000 experience per hour with good concentration. Players stop failing this course at 79 Agility. From level 80 onwards, it is possible to achieve experience rate up to 56,000 experience per hour, if one consistently performs perfect laps and teleports to Seers' bank immediately after finishing the lap.

It is highly recommended that players who intend to train Agility to higher levels complete the hard task set before training on this course, as the normal experience rate without completion of the task set is only 46,600 experience per hour at best. The extra marks of grace that you will receive from completing the task set more than covers the cost of the law runes to teleport. Additionally, when using teleports you won't need any energy potions during this course.

Using this method, without any falls, it would take 8900 laps to go from level 60 to 90 and would provide the player with 489,500 Magic experience.

Levels 60-90 (without completion of hard tasks of the Kandarin Diary)Edit

Levels 60-70Edit

The Seers' Village Agility course offers 46,600 experience per hour at best. The normal experience rate including failures is about 44,000-45,000 experience per hour.

Levels 70-80Edit

The Pollnivneach Agility Course maxes out at 52,000 experience per hour. The normal experience rate however is about 49,000 experience per hour.

Levels 80-85/90Edit

Laps of the Rellekka Agility Course will earn a maximum of 54,000 experience per hour. The normal experience rates however is about 52,000 experience per hour.

Levels 85-90Edit

The Dorgesh-Kaan Agility Course is the second fastest Agility experience between level 85-89 Agility. Each lap gives 2,375 experience and can be completed in 2 minutes and 30 seconds. This means it is possible to get over 50,000 experience an hour here (up to 57,000, if one performs consistent perfect laps, with minimal failures).

Levels 80-90/99+Edit

Brimhaven Agility Arena with Karamja gloves 4 equipped is the fastest experience possible in the game. Since you gain 10% more experience from passing obstacles, and have a 10% chance of gaining double tickets, maximum experience rates can be up to 67k/hr, including the experience gained by turning in tickets. It is highly recommended to turn in tickets in groups of 1000, to maximise experience, as well as waiting as late as possible, as additional experience is awarded for every agility level you have past 40. This method is the best way to train if you don't mind the click-intensiveness and the reasonable concentration requirement. Experience is also increased after 99, as the Agility cape grants the player the ability to never fail an obstacle at Brimhaven.

Levels 90-99Edit

The Ardougne Agility Course offers a more relaxing and profitable option, at a maximum rate of 62,000 experience per hour. Players who have completed the elite tasks of Ardougne Diary have 25% increased chance of receiving marks of grace on this course.

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