Agmundi Quality Clothes is a store specialising in clothes designed for dwarves, although the owner Agmundi will sell to the few Humans who pass through Keldagrim. The shop stocks a supply of clothes made by Agmundi's sister, Vermundi. She stocks higher quality clothes than Vermundi, but at a higher price. The clothes Agmundi stocks come in three colours; blue, pink and tan-yellow.

Her shop is located in the ground floor of the marketplace in the northwest corner.

Agmundi will also give out minitasks to players.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
Skirt (lilac) Skirt (lilac) 3 715 3,021
Skirt (blue) Skirt (blue) 3 812 3,021
Trousers (pink) Trousers (pink) 3 910 2,562
Trousers (blue) Trousers (blue) 3 975 2,562
Shorts (tan) Shorts (tan) 3 468 2,359
Shorts (blue) Shorts (blue) 3 507 2,359
Woven top (tan) Woven top (tan) 3 812 3,112
Woven top (blue) Woven top (blue) 3 845 3,112
Shirt (tan) Shirt (tan) 3 780 2,564
Shirt (lilac) Shirt (lilac) 3 812 2,564

Note: All exchange prices listed may be inaccurate due to name similarities.

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