Ali the Kebab seller
Ali the Kebab seller
Release date 4 April 2005 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Race Human
Quest NPC? The Feud
Location Pollnivneach
Sells items? Kebabs
Gender Male
A kebab seller.
Ali the Kebab seller chathead

Ali the Kebab seller is a man who runs his kebab business in the town centre of Pollnivneach. He sells kebabs for three coins each, super kebabs for five coins each, and gives red hot sauce for free if the player asks for it, if the player doesn't have it in their bank or inventory. The drop trick will work to get more than one bottle.

Treasure Trails

Ali the Kebab seller is the solution to the medium cipher clue: BMJ UIF LFCBC TFMMFS. The answer to his challenge: How many coins would you need to purchase 133 kebabs from me? is: 399.