Ancient Cavern
Ancient Cavern
Kingdom Kandarin
Main Music Barb Wire
Levels 2
Strongest Monster Mithril dragon (level 304)
Quests None
Inhabitants/Race Various
Ancient Cavern map
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Location on World Map
Barbarian Outpost
Tree Gnome Stronghold Ancient Cavern Coal Trucks
Baxtorian Falls

The Ancient Cavern is an area released on 3 July 2007 that is reached from entering the whirlpool near Otto Godblessed's house. It contains many high leveled monsters capable of attacking with multiple combat styles. The caverns are home to the Mithril dragon, which drops the coveted Dragon full helm.


Whirlpool jump

Jumping the whirlpool in order to enter the cavern.

The Ancient Cavern is one of the most dangerous dungeons in all of RuneScape; all players that enter the area should be well prepared to face dragons and high level monsters that can use all types of attacks on the combat triangle. Before entering the cavern, bring items that will protect you from dragonfire!

To access the dungeon, you will need to have reached to the funeral pyre burning instructions with Otto Godblessed as part of the Barbarian Training. To enter the dungeon, the entrance is by jumping into the whirlpool off the jetty, at the edge of the lake on top of Baxtorian Falls. You will appear in a short safe passageway and will be able to see a mithril dragon far off in the distance. Before stepping down the stairs, have some form of dragonfire protection!

On the lower level the biggest danger are the brutal green dragons, whilst on the upper floor the only threat are the mithril dragons. On the lower level there are also wandering barbarian spirits and waterfiends.

Ancient cavern safespot

A safe spot within the cavern. There is a Confused barbarian here, but he is not aggressive.

There is a safe area south of the entrance of the lower level in the middle of the room; it is a large rock with a short passageway on the southeast corner. After about 10–12 minutes you will obtain tolerance from nearby monsters (this will not work if you're after the Waterfiends or Barbarian spirits, as they are too far away) and the monsters will no longer be aggressive. This is useful for low levels in the dungeon, but is not advisable to waste this time for higher-level players on slayer task. If a dragon has attacked and is waiting for you at the entrance of the safespot, then log off and log back on after about 10–15 seconds.

Remember, the caves are very dangerous so it is recommended to pack good combat gear, an anti-dragonfire shield, anti fire-breath potions, super sets, teleport runes and high-healing food. A ring of life may or may not help because of the high hits the monsters may deliver.

If you need to escape the dungeon and have no teleport, the only way out is by canoeing on the logs floating in the water. This will lead you down an underground river out of the caves that takes you downstream. Home teleports are a viable option also.

A total of 12 Mithril ore rocks can be found on the upper level. None are safe to mine, as mithril dragons roam throughout the upper level. One Skeleton warlord is also present on this level, in the south-east area.

Location and travelEdit

The whirlpool entrance to the Ancient Cavern is south of the Barbarian Outpost near Baxtorian Falls. Players can get there by walking west from Seers' Village, north from East Ardougne, or east from the Tree Gnome Stronghold. (From the stronghold, players with level 37 Agility can take the shortcut northeast of the Grand Tree; otherwise, the more round-about route through the stronghold's southern gate is necessary.)

Some teleports can be used to get near the whirlpool:

Rummage skeletonsEdit

Skeleton rummage

A pile of old barbarian bones that can be rummaged.

Lower levelled players visiting the cave should be focusing more on the barbarians and avoiding the dragons by rummaging barbarian skeletons on the ground. There is a skeleton just south of the safe spot described earlier. Chewed bones can also be obtained easily only from the Mithril dragons.

Rummaging the skeleton may cause 0-14 damage.

Messages and rewards when rummaging skeletons: "You rummage in the sharp, slimy pile of bones in search of something useful...

  • find something and stow it in your pack."
  • find something, but it drops to the floor." (if inventory is full)
  • ...the bones object." The skeleton will animate into a Skeleton heavy (Lvl 132) or a Skeleton hero (Lvl 149) and attack. Protect from melee can be used.
  • ...but there's nothing remotely valuable."

Skeletons respawn after about 2 minutes and any attacking skeleton will disappear at same time.

Dragon full helmetEdit

Dragon full helm chathead

The Dragon full helmet can only be earned from the Ancient Caverns (unless you buy it from another player).

There are two methods of obtaining the dragon full helm: being dropped by Mithril dragons (level-304), or receiving it as a reward when you burn chewed bones with pyre ships.

The Dragon full helmet is the fourth strongest helmet in the game behind barrows and the serpentine helm (the best non-degradable being third-age full helm ), but it doesn't have the downfall of needing to be repaired.


The cavern hosts several different high level monsters that all wander the lower level. However, they are not that difficult, sticking to one style of combat that can easily be defended against with Prayer. Waterfiends can use all three combat styles, making them more of a challenge.

All three have fairly high hitpoints and attack but they aren't the main interest of the dungeon! That would be the dragons, and they will be explained in detail below. Just remember whilst being in the cave that if you are running from the dragons, the other creatures can be dangerous while you are weaker - especially Waterfiends that are just near the logs by the river.


Ancient Cavern inaccessible steps

The inaccessible area within the Ancient Cavern.

  • At the south-west corner of the cavern's ground level, there is a set of steps that cannot be climbed on, as it is too slippery. If players go to the upper level, a small body of water can be seen, with the steps having an option to climb down. In RuneScape 3, this is the location of the Dragon Forge and Kuradal, a level 75 Slayer Master.
  • On the upper level, there is a mithril door that is inaccessible. In the live game, this is accessed to ignite the Dragon Forge.

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