Animal masks are cosmetic masks obtained by players from treasure trails.

Animal masksEdit

Item Exchange price
Imp mask Imp mask 19,334
Goblin mask Goblin mask 15,789
Cat mask Cat mask 8,504
Penguin mask Penguin mask 7,007
Black unicorn mask Black unicorn mask 60,135
White unicorn mask White unicorn mask 54,194

Dragon masksEdit

Item Exchange price
Bronze dragon mask Bronze dragon mask 7,553
Iron dragon mask Iron dragon mask 7,347
Steel dragon mask Steel dragon mask 6,250
Mithril dragon mask Mithril dragon mask 7,087
Lava dragon mask Lava dragon mask 1,371,421
Green dragon mask Green dragon mask 6,003
Blue dragon mask Blue dragon mask 5,833
Red dragon mask Red dragon mask 5,726
Black dragon mask Black dragon mask 13,917

Demon masksEdit

Item Exchange price
Lesser demon mask Lesser demon mask 30,394
Greater demon mask Greater demon mask 49,036
Black demon mask Black demon mask 297,896
Old demon mask Old demon mask 176,724
Jungle demon mask Jungle demon mask 67,369

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