This article is about the NPC during the Desert Treasure quest. For the wilderness boss, see Crazy archaeologist.
Release date 18 April 2005 (Update)
Race Human
Members only? Yes
Quest NPC? Desert Treasure
Location Bedabin Camp
Sells items? No
Gender Male
Hardened by the cutthroat world of archaeology.
Archaeologist chathead

Asgarnia Smith is an archeologist that plays a role in the Desert Treasure quest. Players begin the quest by talking to him. He is searching for treasure and is one of many NPCs based on the fictional character Indiana Jones (such as Anna Jones and Orlando Smith), as he seems to have a whip attached to his belt. After completing Desert Treasure a player can talk to him to hear of his adventures, which are very similar to the plot of several Indiana Jones movies. According to Smith, he once managed to recover a Karamjan artefact known as the Golden Monkey of Tee-Tah-Toh. He also tells the player that he has heard of more treasure in Karamja, and he will be going there shortly.

Trivia Edit

  • Asgarnia Smith is a reference to Indiana Jones, a character in a real-world series of films, who was originally going to be called Indiana Smith. His name is akin to Jones' as well, with the name of an area as his first name (Asgarnia is a kingdom in RuneScape and Indiana is an American State), and a very common surname (Jones and Smith are both common in Western cultures). This is further proven with the examine text, as Indiana Jones was also an archaeologist.
  • He claims to be the one who discovered Temple of Ikov and Brimhaven Arena.
  • He introduces himself as "Archaeologist extraordinaire"

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