Ardougne Sewers mine
Ardougne Sewer Mine
Also known as? Ardougne Sewer Mine
Location The middle of Ardougne Sewers (Eastern Sewers)
Members only? Yes
Rocks 5 Iron rocks
5 coal rocks
Monsters None
Requirements None
Ardougne Sewers map
Click the map to view a larger version (opens on a new page).

The Ardougne Sewers mine is a mine that features five iron and coal rocks. It is located below Ardougne in the Ardougne Sewers.

There are two ways to get to the mines:

  1. The entrance from the north trough a manhole (close to the Ardougne Estate agent), requiring 31 Thieving to enter. (Note: Thieving is not required when leaving the mine.)
  2. The entrance from the south trough the Ardougne Rat Pits minigame, requiring completion of the Ratcatchers quest. (Note that a requirement for Ratcatchers is Icthlarin's Little Helper, which requires you to kill a level 91 creature, the Possessed Priest.)

Due to the regular entrance to the sewers being close to the East Ardougne's south bank and a furnace, this would be a good place to mine iron and coal for making steel bars.

It is worth noting that there are zombies (level 24) in close proximity to the mine.

  • The music for this area is Crystal Sword.
  • To the south of the mine is the East Ardougne Rat Pits (for kittens).

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