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The Ardougne Zoo is a zoo located in the southern part of East Ardougne and holds a variety of creatures gathered from across RuneScape. It is also the starting point of the Eagles' Peak and Cold War quests.


These animals are all caged and may be fought by either using a Halberd or by using Magic/Ranged attacks. The unicorn pen, however, can be accessed by using the Fairy Ring code BIS.

Parrot Pete and Postie PeteEdit

For those players that read the Postbag from the Hedge letters that Jagex posts on their website, they will know that RuneScape's very own postman, Postie Pete, can be found around RuneScape in certain locations. What most players did not know is that Pete's brother, Parrot Pete, works at the Zoo and is rather crazy about parrots. Postie Pete may be randomly found speaking to his brother in the Zoo.

Monkey MadnessEdit

In the quest Monkey Madness a player is told to free a monkey in one of the cages. To do so you change into a monkey. Later on a Zoo keeper finds you and traps you into on the zoo cages.


The Ardougne Zoo is the only zoo in the world of RuneScape.

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