Aubury's Rune Shop is located in south-eastern Varrock. It is a small building just south of the eastern Varrock bank. Despite the shop's small size, it is often quite crowded. This is due to the fact that is one of the most convenient ways for players to buy runes and to teleport to the rune essence mine after the quest Rune Mysteries.

Bots Edit

Many macroers are known to abuse the shop's stock by buying out its most popular runes. However, there is a mugger in close proximity to the area. For this reason, players may occasionally see macroers dying to the mugger, though many of them have circumvented this by simply training their account to a higher level.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
Air rune Air rune 5,000 4 2 5
Mind rune Mind rune 5,000 3 1 4
Fire rune Fire rune 5,000 4 2 5
Water rune Water rune 5,000 4 2 5
Earth rune Earth rune 5,000 4 2 5
Body rune Body rune 5,000 3 1 4
Chaos rune Chaos rune 250 90 90 94
Death rune Death rune 250 180 221

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