This article is about the woodcutting device. Axe might also refer to the battleaxe or pickaxe.
Bronze axe Iron axe Black axe Steel axe Mithril axe Adamant axe Rune axe Dragon axe Infernal axe
Primary type Slash
Secondary type Crush
Speed Monster attack speed 5

Specifically Woodcutting axe, is a tool necessary for Woodcutting. It is classified as a melee weapon, available in all varieties of metal, although its power and speed are less favourable than some other weapons. Alternatively, they can be used to slash webs (you can also use knives for this).


Higher-level axes have a greater chance of obtaining logs from a tree and thus are generally faster to woodcut with. However, certain low-level trees become attainable at maximum speed at higher woodcutting levels, even with lower-level axes.

Image Axe Woodcutting level Shop price Weight
Bronze axe Bronze axe 1 16 coins at Bob 1 kg
Iron axe Iron axe 1 56 coins at Bob 1 kg
Steel axe Steel axe 6 200 coins at Bob 1.3 kg
Black axe Black axe 11 Not sold 2kg
Mithril axe Mithril axe 21 1,664 coins at Perry's Chop-chop Shop 1.1kg
Adamant axe Adamant axe 31 4,096 coins at Perry's Chop-chop Shop 1kg
Rune axe Rune axe 41 40,960 coins at Perry's Chop-chop Shop 1kg
Dragon axe Dragon axe 61 Not sold 1.3kg
Infernal axe Infernal axe 61[1] Not sold 2kg
  1. Also requires 85 firemaking use.

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