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Barrows icon
Barrows minigame

A player participating in the Barrows minigame.

Location on World Map
Castle Drakan
Mort'ton Barrows Meiyerditch
Burgh de Rott

The Barrows minigame is an area-based Combat minigame released on 9 May 2005. It is popular due to the potential of receiving valuable rewards, including the unique Barrows equipment. The objective is to defeat the six Barrows brothers: Ahrim the Blighted, Dharok the Wretched, Guthan the Infested, Karil the Tainted, Torag the Corrupted and Verac the Defiled. Each brother has his own burial mound and possesses a Combat level of 115, except Ahrim the Blighted and Karil the Tainted, who both have a Combat level of 98. To enter a mound, the player must stand on top of it and dig using a spade. (Note: As of Content Poll #14, there will be a spade spawn near the Barrows area.) The Barrows brothers are very strong, each with a high Defence level. Each brother also has a different special ability, which is the same as the set effect of the corresponding armour set. Because of this, special consideration should be given to the methods with and order in which the brothers are killed.

Getting thereEdit

Barrows Map

1.) Red is the longest and most tedious route.
2.) Sky blue is the moderate route if no additional quests are completed aside from In Aid of the Myreque. Those who have access to fairy rings can also use this route.
3.) Green is the penultimate shortest route and makes use of the Myreque shortcut.
4.) Dark blue is the shortest route making use of Morytania legs 3, 4, or Mort'ton teleports.

There are several different methods for travelling to Barrows and for banking. Some of which are:

Completion of In Aid of the Myreque up until the point in which the bank in Burgh de Rott is restored is useful for a convenient banking method for multiple trips.

Exploring the BarrowsEdit

Barrows Grave

This is the six Barrows brothers' graveyard as well as each brother's combat discipline.

The above-ground portion of Barrows consists of six grave mounds inside a fence. A Prayer-using player should prepare to fight the brother in the mound before entering as preparing after entering the mound will waste prayer points, which constantly drain away when inside the Barrows. To enter a mound, stand on top of a mound, and dig with a spade. The player should enter a crypt with a sarcophagus in the centre. Open the sarcophagus and pray if using Prayer. Every time but once, the brother who is buried there will appear and attack. Kill the brother, leave and proceed to the next one.

At one of the crypts, the brother will not appear. Instead, there will be an entrance to a maze-like lower level of tunnels. If the player has not killed all the other brothers in their crypts yet, it is not recommended to enter the tunnels at this time. Once all the others have been killed, the player should return to this crypt and enter the tunnels.

The tunnels contain nine rooms in a 3x3 grid, connected by short and long corridors. The player must find the way to the central room and the rewards chest there. Some of the doors will be locked, so the player must explore.

The room in which the player enters the tunnels has a ladder leading out. It will often not have any monsters in it the first time the player enters it (but will if entered subsequently). All other rooms and corridors always have some monsters in them (if only the sixth brother) when entered. When passing through a door, the sixth brother may appear and attack. If he does not appear before the chest is reached, he will definitely appear when the chest is opened. Kill the last brother when he appears. Once the chest is opened, the player can get the treasure by searching the chest.

If Guthan is the brother in your tunnel, there is a small possibility he will die, but you will get a message saying "We'll finish this later...", and he will not count towards your kill-count, or loot, but he may not be able to be killed in the tunnel until you do another run after leaving.

After the chest is looted, the tunnels start collapsing, which will cause damage. Some players teleport away after looting the chest, while others with adequate supplies retrace their route back to the room with the ladder. This is highly recommended as players can easily rebank at Burgh de Rott or Canifis if needed, and players can restart the Barrows trip all over again without having to teleport there.

It is not required to kill all the brothers before looting the chest, but the chance of getting Barrows equipment from the chest increases as more brothers are killed. It is possible to skip every brother but the one in the tunnels.

A good method to heal, if you're not using Prayer to kill the brothers, is to find the tunnel in the middle of, or after killing the brothers, use Guthan's and/or a Saradomin godsword to heal off the low level monsters inside the tunnel, and then go back out and finish killing the brothers.

Safespotting brother

A player safespotting a brother behind a ladder.

In the tunnels, melee-using brothers can be safespotted in many places, such as behind the ladder used to descend into the tunnels (this also works if there is no ladder visible) and rocks. Some players may force the melee tunnel brother to spawn by reentering a door so that they can safespot them and conserve supplies.

Monsters in the cryptEdit

Kill count and lootEdit

Barrows loot mechanics
  • If one decides not to kill a specific brother (e.g. killing all the brothers except Ahrim), that brother's loot will not be available in the chest.
  • The order in which you kill the brothers does not matter. However, it is still recommended that you kill five brothers before venturing into the tunnels to kill the sixth. (When inside the tunnel, if you find an aggressive low level enemy, rat or bloodworm, you can continuously enter and leave a doorway to enable them to respawn to get killcount faster. (Warning: Beware, this can also enable the sixth brother to spawn randomly!)
  • You unlock more drops in the loot table depending on the total combat level of the monsters you kill, including the barrows brothers. The brothers contribute 656 to this value, and for maximum loot (which includes items like bolt racks and key halves), this value should be above 1000. For example, killing 5 level 77 Skeletons will contribute 385 points to this value. This was confirmed by Mod Kieren. [1]
  • However, if players wish to receive more runes (which are generally worth more gold) instead of bolt racks and key halves, they should keep the total combat level of the monsters killed to around 880. Which means that aside from killing the 6 brothers, players should kill either 3 Skeletons, 5 Bloodworms, 3 Giant Crypt Rats, 6 Crypt Rats, 3 Giant Crypt Spiders, or 4 Crypt Spiders.
  • For each brother you have killed, you will get a roll on the drop table. For example, if you kill all six brothers, you will get six rolls on the drop table, which means you theoretically can get six Barrows items. It is possible to get two items from the same brother in one chest, although this is extremely rare.
  • 88% reward potential is needed for maximum runes and 100% for maximum bolt racks.

Door puzzlesEdit

Barrows Puzzles

Solutions to the puzzles.

Entering the chest roomEdit

Barrows Crypt

It's Barrows from the Crypt!

Once the player locates the operational door that leads to the chest, he or she will have to solve a simple puzzle in order to open the door. Due to the monster that spawns when you go into the room, some players prefer killing it, while others simply move back and forth to chase it off. This is useful in the giant crypt rat room, as their large size can block enemies. If you get the puzzle wrong, the catacombs will move around, meaning that the ladder will be in a different room, and so will be the door to the chest room.



Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Mind rune Mind rune 1–2,889 Common 4–11,556
Chaos rune Chaos rune 1–885 Common 101–89,385
Death rune Death rune 1–557 Common 236–131,452
Blood rune Blood rune 1–236 Uncommon 223–52,628

Barrows equipmentEdit

Ahrim's EquipmentEdit

Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Ahrim's hood Ahrim's hood 1 Rare 50,763
Ahrim's robetop Ahrim's robetop 1 Rare 1,540,369
Ahrim's robeskirt Ahrim's robeskirt 1 Rare 1,097,909
Ahrim's staff Ahrim's staff 1 Rare 67,600

Dharok's EquipmentEdit

Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Dharok's helm Dharok's helm 1 Rare 432,280
Dharok's platebody Dharok's platebody 1 Rare 1,480,168
Dharok's platelegs Dharok's platelegs 1 Rare 802,755
Dharok's greataxe Dharok's greataxe 1 Rare 486,881

Guthan's EquipmentEdit

Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Guthan's helm Guthan's helm 1 Rare 1,272,319
Guthan's platebody Guthan's platebody 1 Rare 347,796
Guthan's chainskirt Guthan's chainskirt 1 Rare 717,503
Guthan's warspear Guthan's warspear 1 Rare 1,640,087

Karil's EquipmentEdit

Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Karil's coif Karil's coif 1 Rare 43,672
Karil's leathertop Karil's leathertop 1 Rare 1,696,749
Karil's leatherskirt Karil's leatherskirt 1 Rare 157,400
Karil's crossbow Karil's crossbow 1 Rare 156,538

Torags EquipmentEdit

Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Torag's helm Torag's helm 1 Rare 104,697
Torag's platebody Torag's platebody 1 Rare 232,074
Torag's platelegs Torag's platelegs 1 Rare 252,097
Torag's hammers Torag's hammers 1 Rare 95,175

Verac's EquipmentEdit

Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Verac's helm Verac's helm 1 Rare 429,291
Verac's brassard Verac's brassard 1 Rare 232,813
Verac's plateskirt Verac's plateskirt 1 Rare 1,051,415
Verac's flail Verac's flail 1 Rare 169,081


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Coins 1000 Coins 1–5,306 Common Not sold
Bolt rack Bolt rack 1–191 Common 72–13,752
Loop half of key Loop half of key 1 Uncommon 7,577
Tooth half of key Tooth half of key 1 Uncommon 16,653
Dragon med helm Dragon med helm 1 Rare 59,022
Clue scroll (elite) Clue scroll (elite) 1 Rare [2] Not sold

Odds Edit

In the table below are some odds you might be interested about. Calculations assume all 6 brothers are killed for each chest. Only "One RANDOM set" is an approximation, the average of 5 million simulations. Where for example "5 unique items" means you have 19/24 items and you need 5 more unique items to complete all sets.

Reward Approximate chests needed
All 24 unique items 1541 chests
One unique item 408 chests
Two unique items 612 chests
Three unique items 748 chests
Four unique items 850 chests
Five unique items 932 chests
One RANDOM set(elite diary ironman req) 365 chests
  2. 1/200 chance of dropping for each brothers killed; scales up to 1/33.75 with all six brothers killed. This is 1-(199/200)^6, contrary to 6*1/200 which is incorrect use of statistic properties.


  • According to the formula released by Mod Kieren on his Twitter, the chances of getting at least one piece of Barrows equipment is 1/17.42 if you kill all six brothers. This chance is unaffected by the kill count of the other monsters in the crypt.
  • The Dragon med helm can only be received with 100% rewards potential and all brothers killed.
  • In order to receive a piece of Barrows equipment, the corresponding brother must be killed before the chest is looted. Thus, if you wanted a piece of Guthan's equipment, you would have to kill Guthan before you are eligible to obtain his armour.
  • For every brother killed, you get an extra roll for rewards; so if all six brothers are killed, it is possible to obtain six pieces of Barrows equipment. However, this is extremely rare. It is possible to get multiple items from the same brother, contrary to popular belief.
  • Killing all of the brothers is not required to receive loot; however, not killing all brothers decreases your chance of receiving a Barrows item, and you will not be able to receive the items from the brothers that you missed.
  • It is possible to receive 50% more runes with the completion of the hard Morytania Diary.


  • Prior to an update, Barrows did not tell you what brothers you had killed. In addition, before the aforementioned update, there was no looting interface upon searching the chest for your rewards.

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