This page shows various strategies which may help you to kill the Barrows brothers.

Barrows Grave

This is the six Barrows brothers' graveyard as well as each brother's combat discipline.

Getting thereEdit

Barrows Map

1.) Red is the longest and most tedious route.
2.) Sky blue is the moderate route if no additional quests are completed aside from In Aid of the Myreque. Those who have access to fairy rings can also use this route.
3.) Green is the penultimate shortest route and makes use of the Myreque shortcut.
4.) Dark blue is the shortest route making use of Morytania legs 3, 4, or Mort'ton teleports.

First, the most direct route to Barrows is the Barrows teleport tablet. Alternatively, using the level 83 Barrows Teleport spell in the Arceuus spellbook will take the player directly to Barrows.

Following this, players could choose to teleport to Mort'ton and run north-east to Barrows. After completing the Shades of Mort'ton quest a teleport to Mort'ton via the Minigame Group Finder becomes unlocked. Additionally it is possible to teleport there via a Mort'ton teleport scroll, but they are more expensive and less convenient than Barrows teleport tablets.

If players have Morytania legs 3 or 4, it grants unlimited Burgh de Rott teleports, which is very useful for banking and getting to Barrows. Paired with a Crafting cape, this is by far one of the best ways to do Barrows trips.

An alternative way is by use of the Myreque tunnel, unlocked during and after In Search of the Myreque and then using the Swamp Boat to travel to Mor'ton at which point you will travel east to reach the Barrows mounds.

It is extremely useful to have level 50 Construction for the ability to build a Kharyrll (or Canifis) portal and an altar in your player-owned house. This allows Teleport to House tabs to be used after looting each chest, which will allow you to quickly recharge your Prayer and bank in Canifis (not to mention getting back to Barrows)

If In Search of the Myreque has not been completed to the point in which you gain use of the swamp boaty[1], then the only way to get to Barrows is by running through the swamp, which is not recommended as it takes a long time and much of your food will be rotted by ghasts.

Required & recommended levels & questsEdit

Required quests

Suggested quests

Required levels (to survive underground)

  • 60 Attack icon Attack & Strength
  • 60 Defence icon Defence
  • 50 Ranged icon Range
  • 50 Magic icon Magic
  • 43 Prayer icon Prayer (for protection prayers)

Suggested levels (For more effective/efficient Runs)

  • 70 Attack icon Attack (for whip)
  • 70 Defence icon Defence (to wear the Barrows armour)
  • 61 Ranged icon Range (for rune crossbow)
    • 75 Ranged icon Range (for blowpipe)
  • 75 Magic icon Magic (for the trident)
  • 55 Slayer icon Slayer (for Magic Dart & broad bolts)
  • 40 Agility icon Agility for stamina for the runs

Recommended armourEdit

The general idea for Barrows is that you should equip the best equipment you have at your disposal for your level. As a low-mid level player (i.e. with stats just around the required levels), your best bet is to wear defensive melee armour, with as much mage bonus as you can in your other slots. Because the Barrows brothers have such low Magic Defence, it does not matter whether you wear Melee or Magic gear if you plan to attack them with Magic. However, without at least some bonus, your hits will suffer.

Below is a general guide for armour, but generally you really cannot go wrong with going with your best set-up.


Slot Style Best (#1) Next (#2) (#3) Rest (#4)
Head slot Defensive Melee Armour Ancestral hat*/ Serpentine helm Barrows helm (Verac's, Torag's, Guthan's etc.) Dragon full / Dragon med Obsidian helm, Helm of neitiznot
Neck slot Combat Bonus Occult necklace Amulet of fury Amulet of glory Amulet of power, anything else
Torso slot Defensive Melee Armour Ancestral robe top*/ Barrows platebodies (Dharok's, Torag's etc.) Dragon platebody Bandos chestplate Verac's brassard, Fighter torso, Granite body, 3rd age
Legs slot Defensive Melee Armour Ancestral robe bottom*/ Barrows platelegs (Dharok's, Torag's etc.) Verac's plateskirt / Guthan's chainskirt Bandos tassets Dragon platelegs / Dragon plateskirt, Rock-shell legs, Rune platelegs, 3rd age
Boots slot Defensive Melee Armour Primordial boots / Guardian boots Bandos boots Dragon boots Granite boots, Runner boots, Eternal boots, Infinity boots, Pegasian boots, Ranger boots
Cape slot Combat Bonus Imbued god cape* /Infernal cape Fire cape (Max cape), Trimmed skillcape / Obsidian cape Ardougne cloak, Imbued god cape, 3rd age cloak
Shield slot Combat Bonus Arcane spirit shield/ Godbook**/Tome of fire *** Dragonfire shield Crystal shield/Blessed spirit shield Other magic books, Toktz-ket-xil
Gloves slot Combat Bonus Barrows gloves Tormented bracelet* Dragon - Adamant gloves Combat bracelet, then other gloves, Penance gloves
Ring slot Combat Bonus Ring of the gods(i)/Archers ring(i) Ring of the gods/Archers ring Ring of suffering(i) Ring of dueling****

(*)give magic strength (max hit), very low defences, a mix is advised

(**)ONLY useful for prayer bonus, contrary to popular belief Book of darkness does NOT increase damage, Barrows brothers have 0 magic defence, magic attack bonus does nothing (same goes for seers ring)

(***)Highly effective only if using elemental fire spells, otherwise any of the other suggested items would be advisable.

(****)A ring of dueling can be used to teleport to Clan Wars. Players can bank and use the Free-for-All portal west of the bank to restore (upon exit or teleporting out) Hitpoints, Prayer, Run energy, Agility (Karil's set effect can reduce it to very low levels).This may prove especially useful to players such as Ironmen who are unable or unwilling to bring Stamina potions.

Recommended weaponsEdit

Style Best (#1) Next (#2) Rest [In Order] (#3)
Magic icon For Dharok, Verac, Guthan, Torag, & Karil Trident of the swamp / Trident of the seas /Staff of the dead*/ Smoke battlestaff* Slayer staff (e) [with Slayer helm bonuses & Magic Dart] only when on a slayer task Iban's staff, Fire bolt with the Tome of fire and Chaos gauntlets equipped, regular Slayer staff, Elemental staff
Ranged icon For Ahrim Toxic blowpipe Armadyl crossbow Magic shortbow (i), Rune crossbow, the fastest range weapon you have
Attack icon / Ranged icon For the Minions / Killcount Toxic blowpipe **/ Abyssal tentacle / Abyssal whip Dragon scimitar The best melee weapon you have or Staff of the dead

(*) ONLY when using tome of fire + fire elemental spell

(**) Only with Salve amulet(ei) for fastest kc (skeletons only!) / salve amulet(e) for melee

Notes & general strategyEdit

  • Killing 3 skeletons (with salve amulet(e or ei)) gives you 88% reward potential, this is the most efficient if purely going for gp/hour. 88% maxes out runes and item chance and removes extra drops (key pieces etc) from the pool
  • Kiting is a method used to safe spot the melee brothers in the room with their sarcophagus. This method can be used to kill the melee brothers without the use of food or prayer. It is recommended for low to med level Ironmen who would otherwise use a lot of resources. In order to kite properly, the player must have their run turned off. This is due to the player moving two tiles per tick. Verac and Torag are the only brothers where kiting is possible on the north, south, east, and west sides of the sarcophagus. This method can only be done with a magic spell, therefore, the trident of the sea will not work. Iban's Blast, Slayer dart, or fire bolt with Chaos gauntlets and Tome of fire are recommended for this method. Since the player will be running a lot, stamina potions and/or full Graceful outfit are highly recommended.
    • The player must first spawn the melee brother. Run can be turned on at this point. For any melee brother besides Verac and Torag, the player must run on either the north side or south side of the sarcophagus to block the brother on the other side.
    • With run turned off, the player must use the magic spell on the brother. Autocast will not work. As soon as the experience drop shows, the player must use the control key to run, and lure the brother onto the other side of the sarcophagus. Holding the control key before clicking to move will turn the player's run on for the duration of the movement. This is the only way this method can work.
    • The player will first have to run the distance of the sarcophagus on the north or south side before clicking over to the other side, or else the player will path directly through the melee brother. This is not the case for Verac or Torag since the east and west sides will work to block them.
    • For Verac and Torag, all four sides of the sarcophagus can be used to effectively kite, as stated, the other melee brothers are only safe spotable on the north and south side. Due to their pathing mechanics.
    • It is recommended not to kite Dharok, since one false move can result in being one hit. It's recommended for the player to kill Dharok before any other brother, so they can use the prayer that they already have when arriving to Barrows.
    • With practice and done properly, this can be used to avoid all damage from the melee brothers, besides their initial hit when spawning the brother.
  • The black salamander is a good versatile weapon to use against all the brothers, and its ammunition (harralander tar) is extremely cheap. Pairing it with full Verac's is a great alternative.
  • You should always use rune arrows for Ahrim. It can be worthwhile to bring a ranging potion, as he has high Ranged Defence despite being weak to ranged attacks.
  • Imbuing the magic shortbow with a Bounty Hunter Scroll will give you a second special.
  • Half keys and dragon med helms are bonus loot added to the chest, and can be affected by the ring of wealth.
  • Once you can use a 15-second hold (Entangle, Ice Blitz, or Ice Barrage) you can hold the 4 Melee brothers to not take damage while you attack. This is a cheap way to save supplies.
  • A Stamina potion can be used to make the run through the tunnels simpler.
  • Completing the Morytania Hard Diary will grant you 50% more runes when looting from the chest.
  • The maximum damage by each brother:
  • Bones to Peaches tablets are an excellent way to extend Barrows trips. Just fill empty spaces with bones while gathering kill count, and convert as needed.
  • There are limited safespots in the tunnels, however, if you know how to exploit them, you can effectively safespot any melee brother you may have in there and/or hide to eat if you are not using prayer. With enough skill, prayer potions are not even necessary, even if you get Dharok in the tunnels.
    • Like all NPCs, the Barrows brothers will attempt to move in a straight line towards the player, however they will move east/west first before moving north/south. This opens up many opportunities to safespot melee brothers on corners of debris that can be shot through.
    • Debris on the floor that resemble bricks cannot be shot through, nor can the standing torches in the chest room, nor the chest itself. The bricks cannot be shot through as they are the same objects (merely recoloured) as the piles of bricks in the brothers' individual crypts.
    • The brothers will not get stuck on other NPCs or players.
    • Of all the long corridors, it is only not possible to find a safespot for a melee brother if you are entering the northern corridor from the northwest room. The nearest safespot here is too far and will cause the brother to disappear. All of the other long corridors and the four 'corner' rooms can be utilised effectively.
    • Any other debris on the floor that cannot be walked through can be shot through, including skeletons, boulders, rocks, and the ladder, even in other rooms than the room where you came down when it is invisible to you. It can be difficult to tell which squares can be walked on with some of the piles of boulders in some rooms.
    • The ladder and ladder squares can be shot through. You will only see the ladder in the room that you came down on; however, the square containing the other possible ladder locations can still be used as a safespot. This may lead to some potentially hilarious and very useful safespot opportunities where brothers appear to be frozen.
  • Ice Blitz runes are roughly equal in cost to Entangle, binding for the same 15 seconds, but hitting up to 26.
  • When killing Verac, because his set allows him to hit through protection prayers, most players who kill him usually use Entangle or Ice Barrage once he spawns to bind him for a decent amount of time. This will save food should he be lucky enough for his set effect to activate.
    • Snare allows for 3 attacks before Verac starts moving again.
    • Entangle/Ice Blitz allows for 5 attacks before Verac starts moving again.
    • Ice Barrage allows for 6 attacks before Verac starts moving again.
  • A full set of Guthan's is helpful at the tunnels to restore lost health from encounters with the Brothers and gaining killcount. This will require 70 Attack and Defence in order to use, however.


Option 1: Extended tripsEdit

Option 2: Efficient, frequent banking and prayer restorationEdit

This set-up enables much cheaper and somewhat faster runs, assuming the player has high enough overall defence and experience with the Barrows to tank brothers other than Dharok as may be necessary.

  • Spade or a free inventory space, though bringing one will save significant time
  • Barrows tablets
  • Ardougne cloak for free teleports very close to an altar, useful for saving some time over going to Clan Wars when only prayer restoration is necessary
  • Dueling ring for teleports to Clan Wars or for fast banking at Castle Wars. Clan Wars has a bank (slightly further than the one at Castle Wars) and a Free-for-All portal that can be used to restore all drained attributes: stats (Agility being important), run energy, health, prayer, and special attack energy.
  • One Prayer potion and/or a Falador shield, in case Dharok is in the tunnels
  • Choice of appropriate weaponry, armour, and food

Navigating through the tunnelsEdit

Barrows Crypt

It's Barrows from the crypt!

The tunnels should not prove to be a great challenge to any experienced player. They are a series of 9 rooms, connected by passageways. At the center of the tunnels, there is the room containing the rewards chest (in this chest there will always be a brother, just in case a player doesn't encounter any of them before that point). This room is only reachable by one of the 4 doors connecting to it, and which door this is changes every time a player leaves the crypts. The aforementioned door is a locked one, requiring the player to solve a multiple choice puzzle to unlock the door.

Note: When opening any door in the tunnels, a monster will always pop out and attack the player. The monster can be a bloodworm, crypt rat, skeleton or any surviving Barrows brothers. It is advised to keep health at least 50+ in case a brother appears upon opening a door, or the player may die from the unexpected attack.

CAUTION: If you get the puzzle wrong, the crypt formation will shift, requiring you to go around the tunnels another time to one of the other 4 doors. Also, remember as long as there is one brother left, there is always the possibility that, upon entering one of the crypt rooms, he will attack, even if the chest has been looted.

Once you go down the ladder, check your surroundings to figure out which corner your ladder is in. Remember this room, to return up the ladder for multiple chest runs if you can attempt it.

By tilting the camera, and looking at the interior tunnel rooms, you can scan ahead to see which door will contain your puzzle and route to the center room. Only the middle path with the Open Door option will have your puzzle. The other 3 will only have Examine Door as an option. In a corner room, you can see 2 of your 4 potential internal rooms.

Puzzle solutionsEdit

Barrows Puzzles

Here are the solutions to the puzzles.


  1. In Search of the Myreque is only needed to use the Swamp Boaty at Mort'ton. The Swamp boaty travelling to Mort'ton is accessible without completing the quest.