Basement of Doom
Kingdom Misthalin
Main Music Scape Cave
Levels 1
Strongest Monster None
Quests Freeing Evil Dave
Inhabitants/Race Humans, Hell-Rats
Doris location
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Evil Dave's BASEMENT OF DOOM is a dungeon that exists in the basement of Evil Dave's mother's house in Edgeville. The only inhabitants of the dungeon are Evil Dave himself and a swarm of Hell-Rats.

This dungeon is only accessible after completion of the Shadow of the Storm quest. Players visit the dungeon during Recipe for Disaster to obtain spices for the spicy stew of doom needed to unfreeze Evil Dave from the Culinaromancer's spell.

Basement of Doom map

The locations of the coloured spices the Behemoths guard.

Players may visit the dungeon after the quest to obtain more spices which may be added to stews to give boosts to various skills. Alternatively, they may choose to have their cat fight Hell-Rat Behemoths to obtain full-dose coloured spices.