Basic Wood is a style enhancement of a house for construction.

This is the default wall template for all new Player-Owned Houses, therefore requiring only Level 1 Construction. It is possible to upgrade to other templates after acquiring the correct Construction Level and have money to pay for the upgrade (see below). Players who want to downgrade to this style will need to pay 5,000 Coins.

It gives off a similar apperence to the houses in Rimmington prior to its graphical rework.

Style Level Required Cost Styled like
Basic wood Construction-icon 1 5,000 Rimmington
Basic stone Construction-icon 10 5,000 Burthorpe
Whitewashed stone Construction-icon 20 7,500 Pollnivneach
Fremennik-style wood Construction-icon 30 10,000 Rellekka
Tropical wood Construction-icon 40 15,000 Brimhaven
Fancy stone Construction-icon 50 25,000 Falador
Tips: Compare the design of all the styles before choosing a suitable one for a house!

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