Bedabin Village Bartering is a shop in the Bedabin Camp, run by the Bedabin Nomads. The Bartering store sells some basic items like a general store, as well as any items which the player has sold to the store. Although there are several nomads in the camp that offers to trade, the stock is shared among them.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
bought at
Waterskin Waterskin (4) 5 36 ?? 86
Waterskin Waterskin (0) 5 18 ?? 24
Jug of water Jug of water 5 1 ?? 26
Bowl of water Bowl of water 5 4 ?? 47
Bucket of water Bucket of water 5 7 ?? 55
Knife Knife 5 7 ?? 98
Hammer Hammer 5 1 ?? 47

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