Black heraldic armour are pieces of the black armour set that have a heraldic design on them. The heraldic armour pieces consists of a helm and shield and can be only obtained as a reward from Level 1 Treasure Trails. The helms and shields are equivalent, in stats, to the black full helm and black kiteshield respectively and requires a Defence level of 10 to equip.


Helm Exchange price
Black helm (h1) Black helm (h1) 6,707
Black helm (h2) Black helm (h2) 4,031
Black helm (h3) Black helm (h3) 3,596
Black helm (h4) Black helm (h4) 4,119
Black helm (h5) Black helm (h5) 4,630
Shield Exchange price
Black shield (h1) Black shield (h1) 978
Black shield (h2) Black shield (h2) 9,368
Black shield (h3) Black shield (h3) 822
Black shield (h4) Black shield (h4) 850
Black shield (h5) Black shield (h5) 863

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