Blindweed seed detail

Blindweed seed is a quest item that the player must grow during the Rum Deal quest. It is planted in the Blindweed farming patch on the south-eastern part of Braindeath Island.

A nearby gardener will not watch over your growing blindweed.

When harvested it yields blindweed, which is the first ingredient of the unsanitary swill that the player must make during the quest. Planting a blindweed seed grants 32 Farming experience and harvesting the blindweed grants 45 Farming experience.

It is unknown if a Blindweed seed can become diseased, although the inclusion of a watering can in the cupboard full of farming tools may indicate this is possible. However, with a single growth cycle watering the seed upon planting will prevent any chance of disease prior to harvest.

Blindweed patch

A fully grown blindweed plant.

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