The Blue Moon Inn
Bluemooninn inside
Release date 4 January 2001 (Update)
Location Varrock
Members only? No
Sells Beer
NPCs Bartender, Jonny the beard, Dr. Harlow
Monsters 3 Man/woman, Barbarian
Related quests Pirate's Treasure, Shield of Arrav, Vampire Slayer
Blue moon inn banner

The Blue Moon Inn is the tavern and inn in South-central Varrock. The NPCs inside play a role in several quests. Jonny the beard is involved in the Shield of Arrav quest, Dr Harlow features in the Vampire Slayer quest, and there is also a treasure chest upstairs that plays a part in Pirate's Treasure.

When players talk to the barkeeper and ask for tips, he will refuse to give them any, saying that it would make the game too easy. If a player asks 'What game?' he will explain that RuneScape is nothing but a computer game, at which his or her character will say, 'You're mad' and terminate the conversation.

The Blue Moon Inn is featured in the Alfred Grimhand's Barcrawl miniquest.

Notable featuresEdit

Bluemooninn minimap

The minimap location of the Blue Moon Inn



  • There is a Pot spawn on the table in the kitchen.