Bolt tips are a members-only item used to create gem-tipped bolts. Bolt tips are made through Fletching skill by cutting gems with chisel. One gem can be fletched into 12 bolt tips. (with the exception of the oyster pearl, oyster pearls, amethyst and onyx items which give 6, 24, 15 and 24 bolt tips respectively)

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ImageGemFletching levelExperience
Opal bolt tips 5Opal111.6
Jade bolt tips 5Jade262.4
Pearl bolt tips 5Pearl41?
Topaz bolt tips 5Red topaz484
Sapphire bolt tips 5Sapphire564
Emerald bolt tips 5Emerald585.5
Ruby bolt tips 5Ruby636
Diamond bolt tips 5Diamond65?
Amethyst bolt tips 5Amethyst8360
Dragon bolt tips 5Dragonstone718.2
Onyx bolt tips 5Onyx73?

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