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Books are items obtained in quests and elsewhere in RuneScape. Most books can be read by players, which provides information ranging from lore to information on game mechanics. When a player reads a book, their character displays an emote of looking at a green covered book, similar to the way reading the World Map displays an emote.

Books in bookcaseEdit

Bookcases are built in the Parlour, Quest Hall or Study of a player-owned house. All of the bookcases will contain the same books. Bookcases have the ability to save bank space, because they automatically store most books from previously completed quests and other miscellaneous books. There are some exceptions, and these are listed below. There currently are a total of 96 books that can be stored in a bookcase.

Books are stored in the following order:

(non quest-related books in a random order first, then in alphabetical order of quests)

The Diary of Tarn RazorlorTarn Razorlor's Diary, into which is bound the spell needed to enhance the powers of the Salve amulet.
Ultimate Guide to GlassblowingA guide to the craft of glassblowing, by Fritz the Glassblower of Entrana.
Legend of the BrothersThe tale of 6 brothers whose remains were interred in the Barrows of Morytania.
Pie RecipesRecipes for a variety of pies.
Party Pete's Bumper Book of GamesInstructions for a variety of party games you can play in your house.
The Blurberry Cocktail GuideRecipes for the cocktails sold in Blurberry's Bar.
'My Notes'Discoveries from the Ancient Cavern beneath the lake.
Magic Training Arena Lore BookInformation about the Mage Training Arena north-east of Al-Kharid.
Stronghold of Security notesSome notes on the layout of the Stronghold of Security, and the creatures found there.
Abyssal Research NotesA Zamorakian researcher's notes on the discovery and nature of the Abyss.
Beyond TrollheimNestor Peregrine, a dwarven explorer, wrote this account of his discovery of a vast battlefield beneath the mountains beyond Trollheim.
Queen HelpHow to make and use an Omega egg in the Barbarian Assault minigame.
RuneScape Account SecuritySecurity tips, including how to choose a secure password and good recovery questions.
Gianne's cook bookThe collected recipes of Aluft Gianne snr.
Guide to ConstructionA helpful book about how to add rooms and furniture to your house.
Brewin' guideHow to make Mos Le'Harmless Rum in the Trouble Brewing minigame.
The Book of the Big High War God (Another Slice of H.A.M.)A goblin history book, telling of how they fought for the Big High War God, and of the prophecy of the Chosen Commander.
The Arzinian Being of Bordanzan (Between a Rock...)A book about a terrifying entity that was encountered in the mines of Keldagrim.
The Little Book o' Piracy (Cabin Fever)How to act and talk like a pirate.
Clockwork Toys - Chapter 1.0 (Cold War)A book about clockwork mechanisms, with a note about how to make a clockwork suit that can be controlled from the inside.
Translation Primer (Desert Treasure)A translation of the cuneiform writing found on a stole tablet.
Volatile Chemicals (The Dig Site)The recipe for an explosive compound, found in the library of the Dig Site.
Dwarf Multicannon Manual (Dwarf Cannon)Instructions for the operation of the multicannon.
William Oddity's Guide to the Avian (Eagles' Peak)William Oddity's notes on useful species of bird, including the mysterious Giant eagles.
The Journal of Arthur Artimus (Eagles' Peak)The journal of Arthur Artimus, a brigand who had a hideout in Eagles' Peak.
Book of the Elemental Shield (Elemental Workshop I)Information about a lost workshop and a special shield that can be made there.
Book of the Elemental Helm (Elemental Workshop II)The discovery of the technique whereby one's consciousness may be instilled into an ingot of 'primed' elemental metal.
Crystal Singing for Beginners (The Eyes of Glouphrie)Oaknock's translation of an introduction to the elven art of Crystal Singing.
The Ruins of Uzer (The Golem)Notes made by Varmen, an archaeologist excavating the ruins of Uzer.
Gnome-English Translation Dictionary (The Grand Tree)Common words in the ancient Gnome language, translated into the modern tongue by Anita.
Glough's journal (The Grand Tree)The journal of Glough, former Tree Guardian of the Grand Tree.
Prayer of Deliverance from Poisons (The Great Brain Robbery)Allows you to cure yourself of poison through prayer.
Journal (Horror from the Deep)The diary of Jossik, keeper of the Lighthouse.
Lighthouse Manual (Horror from the Deep)Lightomatic Deluxe 500 Maintenance, Upkeep and Users' Manual: Second Edition.
Ancient diary (Horror from the Deep)The diary of Silas, describing his encounters in the caves beneath the Lighthouse.
The Little Book of Embalming (Icthlarin's Little Helper)How to embalm the dead in accordance with the practices of Sophanem and Menaphos, by Bod E Wrapper.
The Sleeping Seven (In Aid of the Myreque)An account of the seven priestly warriors who fought against the forces of evil in Hallowvale.
Histories of the Hallowland (In Aid of the Myreque)The history of Morytania in the times before the darkness fell upon it.
Modern day Morytania (In Aid of the Myreque)A guide to Morytania as it is today.
Shaman's Tome (Legends' Quest)Notes made by Ungadulu, shaman of a tribe in the Kharazi Jungle.
Book of Binding (Legends' Quest)An ancient tome on Demonology, including information about how to fight demons with holy water.
A History of the Goblin Race (The Lost Tribe)A list of old goblin tribes and their symbols.
Basics of Magic (Lunar Diplomacy)A Primer in the Mystical Arts, by a member of the Moonclan.
Drozal's Journal (Making History)The journal of Drozal, a follower of Zamorak who briefly lived in the outpost north of Ardougne.
The great divide (Mourning's Ends Part I)The attempt by the forces of Baxtorian to return to Tirannwn and restore peace to Prifddinas.
Settlement of the East (Mourning's Ends Part I)The settlement of the eastern lands by the Cadarn clan.
The Creation of Prifddinas (Mourning's Ends Part I)The origin of the elf race.
Exploration of the Eastern Realm (Mourning's Ends Part I)The expansion of the elven domain into the lands east of Tirranwn.
Journal of Nissyen Edern (Mourning's Ends Part II)The journal of Nissyen Edern, an elf who served with the Death Guard.
Farmer Gricoller's Farming Manual (My Arm's Big Adventure)How to grow healthy crops, even in difficult areas.
The Tale of Scorpius (Observatory Quest)A history of the study of astronomy, or possible astrology.
The Ratpits Manual (Ratcatchers)The rules of the ratpits.
Big Book of o' Bangs (Regicide)A book of instructions for the manufacture of fire oil.
Crystal Singing for Beginners (Roving Elves)Ilfeen's book about the elven art of crystal chanting.
The Cadarn Linage (Roving Elves)Golrie's book about the history of the Cadarn elf clan.
Armod's Burnt Diary (Royal Trouble)The diary of Armod, a young Fremennik who caused political strife between Miscellania and Etceteria.
Diary of Herbi Flax (Shades of Mort'ton)The diary of Herbi Flax, a villager of Mort'ton, detailing his investigation of the Flamtaer temple.
The Confession of Ellemar (Shadow of the Storm)Ellemar's explanation for his attempt to summon the demon Agrith-Naar.
The Shield of Arrav (Shield of Arrav)The history of the legendary shield of Arrav.
Dionysius: A Legend in his own Lifetime (Swan Song)The biography of Dionysius, a modern-day hero.
Managing Thine Kingdom - for Noobes (Throne of Miscellania)Advisor Ghrim's book of advice about how to manage a kingdom.
Tourist Guide to Ardougne (Tribal Totem)An excessively enthusiastic introduction to Ardougne, containing the full name of Lord Handelmort.
History of Iban (Underground Pass)Kardia's account of how she created Iban.
The Journal of Randas (Underground Pass)The Journal of Randas, who came to grief in the Underground Pass.
Book on Baxtorian (Waterfall Quest)The history of Baxtorian, his wife and his lost treasure.
The fall of the Dagon'hai (What Lies Below)An account of how the Dagon'hai order came to Varrock and were subsequently banished.
The Journal of Sin'keth Magis (What Lies Below)The journal of Sin'keth Magis, a member of the Dagon'hai.
Witch's Diary (Witch's House)The diary of Nora T. Hagg, a witch who lives in Taverley.
Book of portraiture (Zogre Flesh Eaters)How to draw a portrait.
Holy bookThe Holy book of Saradomin.
Book of BalanceThe holy book of Guthix.
Unholy book The unholy book of Zamorak.
Book of law The book of Armadyl's Law
Book of war The holy book of the Big High War God.
Book of darkness The dark book of a forgotten god.
Diary of Buggie the Entomologist A diary detailing the origin of the kalphites in the Stronghold Slayer Cave.
Overseer's book A book detailing how The Overseer ended up in the Abyssal Nexus.
Ohn's diary Details the origin of Zul-Andra.
Book of Spyology A book giving tips and tricks on spycraft.
Creature Keeper's Journal A book detailing the creature keeper's opinions on the scavengers.
Manifesto of Vasa Nistirio A book detailing Vasa Nistirio's experiences in the Chambers of Xeric.
Tekton's journal A book detailing Tekton's role as an artisan for Xeric.
Notes on Transdimentional Travel A book detailing Xeric's encounter with Vespula.
Judgement of the Vanguard A book detailing the Vanguard's experiences serving Xeric.
Dark journal A book detailing Xeric's arrival to Mount Quidamortem.
Houndmaster's Diary A book detailing Xeric's experiments on the muttadiles.
Fossil Island Notebook A book noting the discoveries the player has made on Fossil Island.
The diary of Charles Charlington A diary detailing the Charles Charlington's descent into madness.
Ancient diary A book detailing a dragonkin's encounter with someone it knew.
The Envoy to Varlamore A book detailing how the Royal accord of twill was lost.
Diary of Aivas A book detailing the events leading to an assault on Lithkren from Aivas' perspective.
Malumac's journal A book detailing a Zamorakian expedition to the Ancient Temple.
Ablenkian's escape A book detailing a Dragon Rider named Ablenkian.
The Fall of Imcandoria A book detailing the fall of the imcando dwarves.
Diary of Aivas A book detailing the events leading to an assault on Lithkren from Aivas' perspective.
Imafore's betrayal A book detailing the events that led to the war between Kourend and Varlamore.
The Tale of Serafina A book detailing a young Morytanian girl.
The weeping A book detailing a man's encounter with a strange force after the God Wars.

Inventory-only booksEdit

Having these books in your inventory, and using them on the bookcase gives this message: There doesn't seem to be space for that on the bookcase.

Missing booksEdit

Some books obtained during the quest "seem" to be missing in the bookcase:

Unreadable booksEdit

Some books are unreadable and cannot be taken in the inventory. Some examples follow:

  • From Wizards' Tower library, ground floor. Upon searching the bookcase: There's a large selection of books, the majority of which look fairly old. Some very strange names... You pick one at random:
    • The Life & Times of a Thingummywut by Traiborn the Wizard
    • Wind Strike for Beginners
    • Life With a Wizard Husband ~ a Housewife's Story
    • The Dark Arts of Magical Wands
    • So You Think You're a Mage? Volume 28
    • Fire, Earth and Water ~ What's it all About?
    • How to become the Ultimate Wizard of the Universe
    • 101 Ways to Impress Your Mates with Magic
      Interesting... - Only the titles of the books are mentioned, and the books have no image and cannot be read.
  • There are 2 stacks of books outside Nickolaus' tent in the Hunter Woodland area north-west of Eagles' Peak. Upon examining: These books stacked very neatly.

See alsoEdit

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