The Boss lair display is built in the Achievement Gallery of a player-owned house as a place where players show off the bosses they've killed. The display can be configured to show any display that a player possesses.

In order to display a boss lair, players must have killed the boss once and must put in the jar dropped by that boss. The jar can be removed, returning the display case to its unfilled state.


Item Exchange price Total price
Steel bar 4 x Steel bar 1,680 23,975
Molten glass 5 x Molten glass 735
Mahogany plank 10 x Mahogany plank 21,560

List of displaysEdit

Boss lair Image Jar required Examine
Kraken Kraken display Jar of dirt Jar of dirt A large display of the Kraken in his dark lair.
Zulrah Zulrah display Jar of swamp Jar of swamp A large display of Zulrah in her poisonous lair.
Kalphite Queen Kalphite Queen display Jar of sand Jar of sand A large display of the Kalphite Queen in her sandy lair.
Cerberus Cerberus display Jar of souls Jar of souls A large display of Cerberus in her gloomy lair.
Abyssal Sire Abyssal Sire display Jar of miasma Jar of miasma A large display of the Abyssal Sire in his miasmic lair.
Skotizo Skotizo display Jar of darkness Jar of darkness A large display of Skotizo in his dark lair.
Grotesque Guardians Grotesque Guardians display Jar of stone Jar of stone A large display of the Grotesque Guardians atop the Slayer Tower roof.
Vorkath Vorkath display Jar of decay Jar of decay A large display of Vorkath in his icy lair.


  • The glass casing of the Grotesque Guardians display is slightly taller than the rest of the boss lair displays.

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