Items kept on death
This is a safe minigame.
If you die here, you will not lose any of your items.
Mg gamesroom

The Burthorpe Games Room is a minigame located in Burthorpe. You can also teleport there using a games necklace made by enchanting a sapphire necklace. Not the most popular, as there are no rewards or prizes for playing except game rankings. Some clans meet here to relax and play the board games. Sam and Rachael both sell glasses of beer: Asgarnian ale, Wizard's Mind Bomb, and Dwarven Stout for 2 coins each.

Games Edit

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Draughts Edit

Draughts is RuneScape's version of Draughts (known in North America as checkers), using runes instead of checkers. Like real checkers, the object of the game is to 'jump' over all of your opponent's pieces.

Runelink Edit

Runelink is RuneScape's version of Connect Four, using runes instead of connect four checkers. Each player must click a column, which will drop their rune to the bottom-most empty space in that column. A player wins when he or she connects four of his runes diagonally or in a straight line.

Runeversi Edit

Runeversi is RuneScape's version of Reversi or Othello using runes as game pieces. The goal is to have more of your runes on the board than your opponent. You can take your opponents pieces by trapping them between your own.

Runesquares Edit

The Runesquares board is arranged in a grid pattern. Each player fills in white line segments. If a player closes a box (his or her line completes a 1x1 square), that player's rune appears in the box. The player then gets another turn to place another segment. The game ends when all boxes are filled, and the player with the most filled-in squares is the winner.

Trivia Edit

  • Before the change to Random Events in 11 September 2014, players used to High Alchemy in the games room because there was a restriction that kept randoms from interfering with players.

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