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Ensouled headsEdit

Note that the prices include rune expenses.

Ensouled head XP Price per XP Price
Ensouled goblin head Ensouled goblin head 130 -3.12 406
Ensouled monkey head Ensouled monkey head 182 -2.71 494
Ensouled imp head Ensouled imp head 286 -2.84 811
Ensouled minotaur head Ensouled minotaur head 364 -2.98 1,085
Ensouled scorpion head Ensouled scorpion head 454 -2.56 1,163
Ensouled bear head Ensouled bear head 480 -2.82 1,355
Ensouled unicorn head Ensouled unicorn head 494 -2.76 1,365
Ensouled dog head Ensouled dog head 520 -2.44 1,490
Ensouled chaos druid head Ensouled chaos druid head 584 -2.81 1,641
Ensouled giant head Ensouled giant head 650 -2.62 1,703
Ensouled ogre head Ensouled ogre head 716 -3.13 2,239
Ensouled elf head Ensouled elf head 754 -3.06 2,311
Ensouled troll head Ensouled troll head 780 -2.94 2,296
Ensouled horror head Ensouled horror head 832 -3.28 2,726
Ensouled kalphite head Ensouled kalphite head 884 -3.65 3,227
Ensouled dagannoth head Ensouled dagannoth head 936 -4.14 3,876
Ensouled bloodveld head Ensouled bloodveld head 1040 -4.29 4,461
Ensouled tzhaar head Ensouled tzhaar head 1104 -4.32 4,773
Ensouled demon head Ensouled demon head 1170 -4.94 5,775
Ensouled aviansie head Ensouled aviansie head 1234 -4.98 6,145
Ensouled abyssal head Ensouled abyssal head 1300 -5.79 7,533
Ensouled dragon head Ensouled dragon head 1560 -6.39 9,971

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