Callisto is a level 470 bear that can be found south of the Demonic Ruins. He is killed for the valuable tyrannical ring and Callisto cub, though he can also drop the dragon 2h sword and dragon pickaxe.

Level requirementsEdit

  • 85 Multicombat
  • 60 Hitpoints-icon
  • 70 Strength-icon
  • 70 Attack-icon
  • 70 Defence-icon

  • 105+ Multicombat
  • 90+ Hitpoints-icon
  • 90+ Strength-icon
  • 90+ Attack-icon
  • 90+ Defence-icon

Suggested equipmentEdit

Callisto has relatively high Defence against Melee attacks, so Verac's is commonly used as it is relatively cheap and can ignore Callisto's defences, allowing for faster kills. However, contrary to belief when using the Verac's flail it's best to set your attack style to Spike to inflict the most damage. Kills are typically faster compared to Venenatis as Callisto's Defence is lower then hers. One should still be careful of PK'ers though and always be prepared to pray Protect Item or click the Logout button.

Verac's helm
Ardougne cloak 4
Amulet of glory
Rune arrow 5
Verac's flail
Verac's brassard
Shield slot
Verac's plateskirt
Rune gloves
Rune boots
Ring of wealth (i)
Melee Gear


  • 90+ Multicombat
  • 90+ Hitpoints-icon
Slot Most effective -> Least effective
Head slot Verac's helm
Neck slot Amulet of glory>Amulet of power>Amulet of strength
Torso slot Verac's brassard
Legs slot Verac's plateskirt
Boots slot Rune boots>Climbing boots
Cape slot Ardougne cloak 4>Ardougne cloak 3>Ardougne cloak 2>Ardougne cloak 1
Shield slot N/A
Gloves slot Rune gloves>Adamant gloves
Ring slot Ring of wealth(i)>Explorer's ring 4>Explorer's ring 3>Explorer's ring 2>Explorer's ring 1

(Ring of wealth (i) will decrease Callisto's elite clue drop rate down to a 1/50 chance.)

Weapon slot Verac's flail

Black d'hide body Super attack(4) Super strength(4) Stamina potion(4)
Magic longbow Prayer potion(4) Prayer potion(4) Cooked karambwan
Cooked karambwan Cooked karambwan Cooked karambwan Cooked karambwan
Shark Shark Shark Shark
Shark Shark Shark Shark
Shark Shark Shark Shark
Shark Shark Shark Royal seed pod


While Callisto does have high Defence, he is weakest to slash attacks. This setup utilises magical defence for PKers while having a weapon with massive slash bonuses kill Callisto. This does require use of the safespot though.

Slayer helmet
Fire cape
Amulet of glory
Ammo slot
Bandos godsword
Black d'hide body
Shield slot
Black d'hide chaps
Barrows gloves
Rune boots
Ring slot
Melee Gear


  • 95+ Multicombat
  • 90+ Hitpoints-icon
Slot Most effective -> Least effective
Head slot Slayer helmet (i) (only on task) Slayer helmet Serpentine helm
Neck slot Amulet of glory
Torso slot Black d'hide body
Legs slot Black d'hide chaps
Boots slot Rune boots or Climbing boots
Cape slot Fire cape
Shield slot Dragon defender (only if using Whip)
Gloves slot Barrows gloves
Ring slot Warrior ring (i) (or none)
Weapon slot Godswords (2h only) Abyssal tentacle/whip (1h only)

Stamina potion(4) Super attack(4) Super strength(4) Antidote++(4)
Magic longbow Prayer potion(4) Prayer potion(4) Shark
Shark Shark Shark Shark
Shark Shark Shark Shark
Shark Shark Shark Shark
Shark Shark Shark Shark
Shark Shark Shark Teleport to house


How to get thereEdit

Callisto's location


Fighting Callisto

A pair of players fighting Callisto.

  • Melee: Callisto lunges his claw at his target for heavy melee damage.
  • Shockwave: Callisto unleashes a shockwave against his target. When this happens, a game message will appear saying that he has used the ability against you, just like Vet'ion's earthquake and Venenatis' web attack. This attack has no cooldown and can hit up to 60 in one attack. Callisto will use this ability much more often the further you are from him. The projectile of this attack is similar to Wind Wave.
  • Knockback: A small white projectile flies from the player straight to Callisto. When this happens, you will be knocked back several spaces from your current location, and a game message will appear stating "Callisto's roar knocks you backwards.", dealing 3 damage.
  • Heal: A blast will appear under Callisto. Even though the game states that Callisto will prepare to heal himself based on the damage dealt to him, he actually heals himself during this time for a small amount.


When fighting Callisto, he can be solo'ed easier as the fight is not as long and/or dangerous (Vet'ion takes a while with two forms, and Venenatis can one-tick players). Callisto has a fairly high Defence level, but his Defence bonuses are quite low compared to the other Wilderness bosses, apart from the Chaos Elemental.

His lowest Defence bonus is his slash defence, with a total of +104 slash defence, so Godswords on slash should be used to take advantage of this weakness. If the player does not bring a godsword, they can bring a set of Verac's instead, as the set ignores his defences and can hit hard. However, this makes the player an attractive target for PK'ers that occasionally appear at Callisto's domain. If ranging, players should get within melee distance of Callisto, as his shockwave attack seems to be used more often the further a player is from him while using a combination of diamond and ruby (e) bolts. Maging is not recommended as like Venenatis, Callisto has extremely high magic defence, with a defence bonus of 900.

While going to Callisto, if you plan to run through the valley of poison spiders, an antipoison is recommended if the spider manages to hit you as poison can lower the player's health to allow Callisto's shockwave to kill the player.

Larger teams are advised to spread out fairly so Callisto will constantly turn around, losing game ticks that could have been used to attack targets. In a duo, players will stand opposite of each other, and those in trios or quads can do the same in a duo for the vacant sides. Masses will not matter as Callisto is unlikely to turn as much to face his targets. As Callisto resides in level 41-44 Wilderness, it is very hard if not impossible to escape from PKers as you are near or at dragonstone teleporting range at Vet'ion and Venenatis.

For solo fighters, players can lure Callisto into a safespot in the southeastern area of his "wander zone" (this safespot is west of the fishing icon on the map above). Grab Callisto's attention with a magic shortbow or longbow; you could simply get his attention by getting close to him, but you will most likely take a shockwave attack doing so. Lure Callisto east to the nearby lesser demon, before running south to the eastern edge of the poison spiders. Callisto should follow; if he does not, you will need to move around as he will most likely have been stuck on a tree or a rock pile. Continue running south until you spot hydra-like remains (this pile is at level 38 Wilderness); stand two north of it until Callisto gets close. When he does get close, move south immediately; if done right, Callisto will follow you, before losing aggression and walk south-east and immediately get stuck (he will be able to get out if another player aggro's him or the attacker goes too far). The player can then attack Callisto safely from the east, and as the area is single-way combat. However, luring Callisto to the safespot requires the player to traverse through multi-way areas.

If you plan to fight Callisto at his habitat, be careful as the area is very open and is a complete multi-way area, meaning a player can be instantly piled and get a quick death from PKers. Try to position him with your back next to a nearby tree; this way, whenever he performs his knockback attack, you will not be sent flying several spaces away from him, as he usually performs another knockback or shockwave if you are not within melee distance.

Players may want to bring Stamina potions and perhaps Antipoison to escape from PKers. If players manage to escape from PKers, they may be attacked by the poison spiders that occupy the patch of land just south of his location. Antipoison can also be used if the player decides to run straight past them while heading to Callisto.

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