Captain Bentley
Captain Bentley
Release date 24 July 2006 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Race Human
Quest NPC? Lunar Diplomacy
Location Lunar Isle
Sells items? No
Gender Male
Notable features Captain of the Lady Zay
Parrot on shoulder... hook for a hand... yup, definitely a pirate.
Captain Bentley chathead

Captain Bentley is the captain of the Lady Zay. You must help him remove the jinx from his ship during Lunar Diplomacy. He also takes you from Pirates' Cove to Lunar Isle. He likes the ' Non-Judgemental ' attitude of the Moonclan people, stating their willingness to trade with them despite his crew killing and plundering. Little does he know that the Moonclan has made the Cabin Boy place a jinx on his ship, albeit unintentionally, making the crew sail in circles.

He can be found on the top deck of the Lady Zay and will be your point of contact if you wish to sail away from Lunar Isle to Pirates' Cove. He and his crew is not in any way affiliated with the Pirates in Mos Le'Harmless.


During Lunar Diplomacy, the player learns that he originally wanted to sail to Lunar Isle to plunder and kill off the inhabitants living there. But the threat of the Suqahs and the mind-reading powers of the Moonclan people deterred him from doing so. Bentley also reveals he was captain of a previous ship, but it was shipwrecked and only him and a few men survived. Those that couldn't escape the ship before it crashed and survived ended building the Pirates' Hideout. He wasn't directly involved in Monkey Madness, or the Grand Tree, however he did steal one of the warships from there, and transformed it into the Lady Zay.

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