Cat (Wintertodt Camp)
Release date 8 September 2016 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Race Cat
Quest NPC? No
Location Wintertodt Camp
Sells items? No
Gender Male
Making trouble around the camp.
Cat (Wintertodt Camp) chathead

The cat is found wandering around the Wintertodt Camp, attempting to catch the wintertoad.

Players who speak to it using a catspeak amulet will find it offering them a mouse, half dead bird, and crunched up spider, to which the player refuses. It then asks for a cooked tuna from the player.

If you have a tuna in your inventory, you will get a dialogue to either give the cat the Tuna or keep it for yourself.


Without catspeak amulet

  • Cat: Meow.

With catspeak amulet

  • Player: Hello puss.
  • Cat: Want a mouse?
  • Player: No thanks.
  • Cat: Want this half dead bird?
  • Player: Errrr... no.
  • Cat: Want this crunched up spider?
  • Player: Um... not really.
  • Cat: Oh well. Got any tuna?

If the player has no tuna in their inventory:

  • Player: No.
  • Cat: Hmmmph.

If the player does have tuna in their inventory:

  • Player: Why yes I do have some tuna.
  • Cat: Give! *purr*

If the player gives the tuna:

    • You give some tuna to the cat. It devours it and purrs loudly.
    • Cat: Catch toad for me.
    • Player: What? I think not...

If the player does not give the tuna:

    • Player: Nah... my tuna.
    • Cat: Hissss...

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