Chaos Temple (Asgarnia)

The exterior of the Chaos Temple.

This article is about the temple near the Goblin Village. For other uses, see Chaos Temple.
Location on World Map
Taverley Chaos Temple Goblin Village
Chaos Temple (Asgarnia) map

A map of the Chaos Temple.

The Chaos Temple is a temple of Zamorak located north of Falador, north-west of Goblin Village. It can only be approached from the south, following the wall separating Taverley from Falador north to the Wilderness ditch. Alternatively, if one has completed the easy Falador Diary, they may access it using the shortcut from Burthorpe. It contains several monks of Zamorak (level 22), and one Wine of Zamorak on a table as well as an altar.

Stealing Wine of ZamorakEdit

Chaos Temple (Asgarnia) interior

The Temple's interior.

Main article: Wine of Zamorak

Stealing Wine of Zamorak does not give Thieving experience. The wine is used to make ranging potions.

To get the Wine of Zamorak, players can only:

  • Use Telekinetic Grab on it. This can be used to make 47,400 coins per inventory.

A player must telegrab the wine off the table to complete a medium Falador Diary task. Stealing the wine manually causes damage and stat drain of around 3 points to all Combat stats. Also, if players attempt to steal the wine when the monks are not out of range, players will still take the drain and all the monks will become aggressive and attack, and say that you are a thief.

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