This article is about the temple in level 38 Wilderness. For other uses, see Chaos Temple.
Chaos Temple (hut) map
Location on World Map
Frozen Waste Plateau
Ice Path Chaos Temple (hut) Lava Maze
Forgotten Cemetery
Chaos Temple (hut)

The Chaos Temple hut in Level 38 Wilderness.

The Chaos Temple is a structure in level 38 Wilderness, west of the Lava Maze. It contains a chaos altar where players can recharge and train their Prayer.

A wine of zamorak spawns on a table inside the hut, which can only be obtained by casting Telekinetic Grab. Players who have completed the hard Wilderness Diary will receive them in noted form.

Members can also offer bones on the chaos altar, which grants the same Prayer experience bonus compared to a gilded altar with two burners lit. However, there is also a 50% chance that the bone offered will not be consumed. Outside, the Elder Chaos druid can unnote a player's bones for 50 coins per bone.

Players who kill the Chaos Fanatic may use the chaos altar to recharge their Prayer as it is very close.

Chaos Temple (hut) exterior

The exterior of the temple.


  • On release, a wine of zamorak did not spawn in the temple. This was added with an update on 2 March 2017.
    • In addition, the altar in the temple did not have Prayer-training benefits; this was added with an update on 7 December 2017.

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