Charge Earth Orb is an enchantment spell that requires a magic level of 60 to cast. It can only be cast at the earth obelisk in the wilderness area of Edgeville Dungeon, south of the Black demons in the area where Chronozon is found.

If you have an unpowered orb and the correct runes in your inventory, each cast will create an earth orb that can be used on a regular battlestaff to create an earth battlestaff. Because the obelisk is in the wilderness, it makes it a dangerous place to train magic or make profit at, as there is a chance you will run into player killers either inside the dungeon or in the wilderness itself.


Spell cost
30Earth rune3Cosmic rune489
Combo runes
3Cosmic rune30Dust rune429
3Cosmic rune30Mud rune6,789
3Cosmic rune30Lava rune429
3Cosmic runeStaff of earth339
3Cosmic runeDust battlestaff339
3Cosmic runeMud battlestaff339
3Cosmic runeLava battlestaff339

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