Charge Water Orb is an enchantment spell that requires a magic level of 56 to cast. It can only be used on a water obelisk after climbing a ladder in taverley dungeon, being very close to the fire obelisk. To get there, players must traverse through the taverley dungeon either through the long way around or having an agility level of 70 or 80 to use the shortcuts (boosts may be used).

With an unpowered orb and the correct amount of runes in your inventory, you can create water orbs that can be used on a normal battlestaff to create a water battlestaff.

The fastest method of charging would be to have a Player-owned house located in Taverley, with a Mounted Amulet of glory, requiring 47 Construction, and using a Teleport to House tablet to get to Edgeville via the mounted glory, bank, and then return, requiring two tablets per trip. It is highly recommended to have the high agility requirements for the two obstacles as it significantly lessens the time for each run and make this a good way to make profit.


Spell cost
30Water rune3Cosmic rune501
Combo runes
3Cosmic rune30Mud rune7,791
3Cosmic rune30Steam rune2,091
3Cosmic rune30Mist rune1,581
3Cosmic runeStaff of water351
3Cosmic runeMist battlestaff351
3Cosmic runeMud battlestaff351
3Cosmic runeSteam battlestaff351