Bronze claws Iron claws Steel claws Black claws White claws Mithril claws Adamant claws Rune claws Dragon claws
Primary type Slash
Secondary type Stab
Speed Monster attack speed 6

Claws are a type of melee weapon that are members-only. They can be obtained by either making them with the Smithing skill, trading with other players or as a monster drop. Most types of claws can be smithed (apart from black, white and dragon claws) but to create them the player must have completed the Death Plateau quest. The more powerful claws (mithril and above) can only be obtained via Smithing or trading, making them potentially expensive to buy from other players. This category of weapons also contains one of the only Rune weapons to have a special attack, the other being the rune throwing axe.

Claws are the fastest two-handed weapon type in the game, with an attack speed equal to a dagger, and have good accuracy bonuses for both stab and slash. While they are slightly weaker than scimitars, they offer good defensive bonuses, particularly against slashing attacks, and are one of the few two-handed weapons to do so.

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