The combat dummy is built in the Combat Room of a player-owned house as a place where players can test the strength of their worn equipment. In order to attack the dummy, players must attach the sandbag. The player will always hit their max hit when attacking the dummy.

It can be upgraded into an undead combat dummy at level 53 Construction, but the sandbag must be detached before upgrading.

The dummy can be used to surpass the maximum Prayer points of the player, by using the special attack of the Ancient Mace on it. For example, a player with level 50 prayer that hits a 15 on the dummy with the special attack will end up with 65 prayer points. This bonus does not stack.


Item Exchange price Total price
Teak plank 5 x Teak plank 4,155 8,557
Bolt of cloth 4 x Bolt of cloth 4,132
Bucket of sand 5 x Bucket of sand 270

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