Commander Connad
Commander Connad
Release date 4 January 2007 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Race Human
Quest NPC? No
Location Barbarian Assault
Sells items? Barbarian Assault rewards
Gender Male
A slightly more approachable barbarian.
Commander Connad chathead

Commander Connad is an NPC located on the main floor of the Barbarian Outpost and is involved in the Barbarian Assault minigame.  Players who have earned honour points while playing the minigame can talk to Commander Connad to enter the Reward Shop. There, players can spend points on levelling up respective roles, receive penance gear, or gamble for items. Players can also reset their wave by talking to him.

Barbarian Assault Reward Shop
Item Honour Points Queen
Level up Attacker
  • 200 Attacker (level 2)
  • 300 Attacker (level 3)
  • 400 Attacker (level 4)
  • 500 Attacker (level 5)
Level up Collector
  • 200 Collecter(level 2)
  • 300 Collector (level 3)
  • 400 Collector (level 4)
  • 500 Collector (level 5)
Level up Defender
  • 200 Defender (level 2)
  • 300 Defender (level 3)
  • 400 Defender (level 4)
  • 500 Defender (level 5)
Level up Healer
  • 200 Healer (level 2)
  • 300 Healer (level 3)
  • 400 Healer (level 4)
  • 500 Healer (level 5)
Penance Fighter hat 275 (each role) Yes
Penance Ranger hat 275 (each role) Yes
Penance Healer hat 275 (each role) Yes
Penance torso 375 (each role) Yes
Penance skirt 375 (each role) Yes
Penance boots 100 (each role) No
Penance gloves 150 (each role) No
Granite body 95,000 GP Yes
Gamble points (low)
  • 200 (any role)
  • passed Wave 2
Gamble points (medium) 400 (any role) No
Gamble points (high) 500 (any role) Yes

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