The costume box is a hot spot found in the costume room of a player-owned house. Players can build on this hot spot via the Construction skill.

Costume boxes (or fancy dress boxes) are used to store reward outfits. This could save players some inventory spaces in the bank. However only certain rewards may be stored, and a complete set is required.

Costume boxes

Image Type Level Materials required Details
Oak fancy dress box icon Oak fancy dress box 44 2 oak planks Stores 2 types of costumes
Teak fancy dress box icon Teak fancy dress box 62 2 teak planks Stores 4 types of costumes
Mahogany fancy dress box icon Mahogany fancy dress box 80 2 mahogany planks Stores all types of costumes

Fancy dress costumes

Set Amount Head Chest Legs Gloves Boots Other
Mime Costume 5 Mime mask Mime top Mime legs Mime gloves Mime boots
Royal frog costume 2 Prince tunic or Princess blouse Prince leggings or Princess skirt
Frog mask 1 Frog mask
Zombie outfit 5 Zombie mask Zombie shirt Zombie trousers Zombie gloves Zombie boots
Camo outfit 3 Camo helmet Camo top Camo bottoms
Lederhosen outfit 3 Lederhosen hat Lederhosen top Lederhosen shorts
Shade robes 2 Shade robe top Shade robe

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