Release date 12 December 2006 (Update)
Combat level 123
Members only? Yes
Race Human
Quest NPC? Animal Magnetism
Location West of Port Phasmatys
Sells items? No
Gender Male
Notable features Player spoof.
He hates cows so much.
Cow31337Killer chathead

Cow31337Killer is a spoof of an adventurer occurring during the Animal Magnetism quest. He kills an undead cow, and attempts to kill an undead chicken during a cutscene. He is shooed away and can't kill the chicken.

He has a combat level of 123 (though he is unattackable), and wears a rune platebody, rune plateskirt, rune boots, Klank's gauntlets from the Underground Pass quest, Mourner cloak, with a Dharok's helm and a Dharok's greataxe. His name appears to be "Cow Elite Killer" in Leetspeak.


  • Previously, this NPC was known as Cow1337killr.
  • During the 2017 Birthday event, Cow31337Killer attends Party Pete's Birthday Bash. Towards the end of the event, he kills a mugger who set out to kill the partygoers.
  • While being a parody of a player, his name is too long for an actual player to take as its length exceeds 12 characters.
  • He appeared in the 2018 Birthday event.