Not to be confused with Crabclaw Isle.
Crabclaw Caves
Crabclaw Caves
Kingdom Great Kourend
Main Music Subterranea
Levels 1
Strongest Monster King Sand Crab
Quests The Depths of Despair
Inhabitants/Race Sand Crabs
Crabclaw Caves map
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The Crabclaw Caves is a dungeon found south of the Woodcutting Guild in Great Kourend. Access to the caves requires partial completion of The Depths of Despair quest. If players attempt to enter the cave without starting the quest, they will not be able to enter.

Crabclaw Caves entrance map

The location of the cave's entrance.

The caves contain an additional place to train on Sand Crabs, with three crabs next to each other in one spot, and another spot with four crabs next to each other. There are also two smaller caves with several King Sand Crabs.

During The Depths of Despair, players must travel to the very end of the caves, and climbing down the tunnel entrance to find Artur Hosidius, who is searching for the Royal accord of twill, and finds a Sand Snake guarding the chest containing it. After the quest is complete, players can no longer access the bottom area, with the player stating "I don't really want to go down there again."


  • A part of Skotizo's lair can be seen in the northernmost area of the caves.
Skotizo's lair from Crabclaw Caves

The southernmost part of Skotizo's lair can be seen from the Crabclaw Caves.