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This is the quick guide for Creature of Fenkenstrain.
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Start point Quest Read the sign in the middle of Canifis.
Official difficulty Intermediate
Description Dr Fenkenstrain, master and sole occupant of the castle to the north east of Canifis, needs a new servant to go on a dark errand for him.

Do you have the stomach to help Fenkenstrain complete his twisted purpose?

Length Medium-Long
Items required


Enemies to defeat Experiment (Level 51)


Fenkencastle floor 2

The upstairs floor of the Fenkenstrain castle

Fenkenstrain experiment cave QG map

The experiment cave and path to mausoleum

Fenkenstrain QG map

Overview of the locations in the Fenkenstrain quest.

  • Read the signpost NW of the bar in Canifis to start the quest.
  • Take a pickled brain off the table in the tavern in Canifis for 50gp on your way to the castle.
  • Talk to Dr. Fenkenstrain inside of Fenkenstrain's Castle: (1-4-4)
    1. Answer "Yes"
    2. Answer "Braindead"
    3. Answer "Grave digging"
  • Go upstairs to the bookcases and read:
  • Talk to the Gardener Ghost downstairs with Ghostspeak Amulet equipped. (2)
  • Travel to the graves spread around the Haunted Woods and dig in front of a grave marker to find a decapitated head. There's more than one in the area but only one of them belongs to the ghost.
    • If nothing happens try the next grave until you've found the head.
    • Be quick, the area is infested with Vampires. Take a Holy symbol and maybe food with you.
  • Combine the brain and head.
  • Go to the experiment Cave, by using your star amulet on the right most tombstone. south-east of the castle.
  • Inside kill a level 51 Experiment for the cavern key
  • Follow the path northwest.
  • Search the chest and climb the ladder.
  • Dig at the tombstones to get the torso, arms and legs.
  • Backtrack to the doctor (or use Ectophial if you have completed Ghosts Ahoy) and give him all the parts. (1) Talk to him a second time to give him the needle and threads.
  • Talk to the Gardener Ghost for the shed key. (2)
  • Search the shed cupboard and take 3 canes from the pile of canes.
  • Combine the broom and canes.
  • Go upstairs to the west fireplace and use the extended brush on it for a conductor mould.
  • Go to a furnace and smelt a silver bar into a lightning rod (closest is in Port Phasmatys).
  • Return to the castle, go upstairs and then climb the southern ladder to the Lightning tower.
  • Use the "Repair Lightning conductor" option.
  • Talk to the doctor.
  • Go upstairs, through the metal gate, up the ladder, and talk to the monster.
  • Pickpocket the doctor.
  • Quest complete!

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