Crystal is a material used by Elves. It can be shaped, formed and magically charged into weapons or other items with magical powers. There are two different forms of elf crystals: a Crystal seed and a Tiny elf crystal. Crystal seeds can be transformed by sufficiently skilled singers; the only known character who can do this is Ilfeen. Eluned near Lletya will charge a tiny elf crystal into an Elf teleport crystal.

Items made of crystal will lose power as they are used. Weapons and armour start with a "charge" of 2500; for every 250 uses, the piece of equipment degrades, decreasing it power. When the item completely degrades it will revert to a crystal seed. Items cannot be charged or traded until they are in this seed form. They are also tradeable immediately after recharging.

The following items are made of elven crystal:

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