This article is about the Lunar spell. For the item used to cure plants, see Plant cure.
Cure Plant

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1Astral rune8Earth rune

Cure Plant

Cure Plant cures a diseased Farming patch. However, it will not revive a patch that has already died from disease. It is only really effective with an earth staff or a lot of earth runes as a simple plant cure potion only costs 25 coins from a nearby farmer.

This spell gives 91.5 Farming experience. And as with all Lunar spells, the quest Lunar Diplomacy must be completed to cast this spell.

When a player attempts to use Cure Plant on a healthy patch, they are given with the message, It is growing just fine. If the patch is fully grown, players are shown the message, That's not diseased. If the player casts the spell on a compost bin, the message, Bins don't often get diseased. appears. Attempting to cast the spell on a patch with weeds triggers the message, The weeds are healthy enough already. Casting it on an empty patch generates, There's nothing there to cure.

Also, when a player attempts to use this spell on a dead plant, they are greeted with the message, It says 'Cure' not 'Resurrect'. Although death may arise from disease, it is not in itself a disease and hence cannot be cured. So there.

If the player casts the spell on any other object, such as trees, rocks, etc., the player exclaims in the chat box, Umm... this spell won't cure that!


Spell cost
1Astral rune8Earth rune181
Combo runes
1Astral rune8Dust rune173
1Astral rune8Mud rune1,749
1Astral rune8Lava rune181
1Astral runeStaff of earth149
1Astral runeDust battlestaff149
1Astral runeMud battlestaff149
1Astral runeLava battlestaff149