Cutting amethyst arrowtips
Profit Chisel + Amethyst = Amethyst arrowtips
-987,300 per hour
Skill requirements

85 Crafting-icon

Item requirements

10,000,000+ coins recommended

Quest requirements Inputs


2,750 x Amethyst (10,887,250)

Other requirements Outputs


41,250 x Amethyst arrowtips (9,900,000)

Location Experience gained

165,000 Crafting-icon

Amethyst arrowtips are attached to headless arrow to make amethyst arrows, which have +6 higher Ranged strength bonus than Rune arrows, making them a good alternative in PvP and PvM. It can be unbelievably profitable to cut amethysts into arrowtips, however, it is a possibility to lose gold too. Therefore, before buying amethysts in bulk, test the conceivable profit in the Grand Exchange.

With a chisel in the inventory, you can withdraw 27 amethysts at a time. Each amethyst becomes 15 arrowtips, when chiseled. It takes slightly over 30 seconds to cut an inventory of amethyst arrowtips, so the outcome will be upwards of 2,500-2750 amethysts cut per hour.

However, the price for amethyst arrowtips can fluctuate slightly. To maximize profits, buy a single amethyst arrowtip instantly, and re-sell it instantly to know the price margin. Then, sell your outcome for the highest price in the price margin. Doing this will likely increase the amount of time it will take to sell, but it will greatly increase the profits.

Amethysts have a very high buying limit, so there will be no inconveniences, since you'll be able to buy more amethysts than amount of amethysts that is possible to cut in that time frame. It is recommended to purchase amethysts overnight on the Grand Exchange to maximize profits.

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