Dairy cow
Dairy cow
Release date 4 January 2001 (Update)
Members only? No
Race Bos taurus (cow)
Quest NPC? Cold War
Location Usually with cows
Sells items? No
Gender Female
Fit for milking.
Dairy cow chathead

A Dairy cow is a cow that the player can milk with an empty bucket in his or her inventory to receive a bucket of milk. For more information, Gillie Groats by the northern Lumbridge cow pen will explain more about milking. Dairy cows were introduced because players could attack and kill a cow whilst another player was milking it, preventing them from receiving milk.

Unlike the other cows, dairy cows cannot be attacked. A dairy cow does "talk" to the player during the quest Cold War. During and after completing Cold War, players can steal cowbells from them.


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