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Darkness of Hallowvale (#110)
Darkness of Hallowvale
Members only? Yes
Release date 4 September 2006 (Update)
Quest series Myreque
Official difficulty Intermediate
Developer Tytn H
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Start point Quest Go to Burgh de Rott and into the basement of the pub there and speak to Veliaf Hurtz.
Official difficulty Intermediate
Description Fighting tooth and nail against the vampyre overlord, Drakan, the Myreque have moved their secret base camp to Burgh de Rott. Now the fight starts in earnest! Veliaf needs someone to make their way into the Sanguinesti region, the eastern side of Morytania cut off from the west behind an impenetrably huge wall.

Will the fight be supported by Myreque resistance inside the vampyres' domain? What grim discoveries are to be found behind that dread wall? And what of the Vyrewatch - deadly sky-bound patrollers of the blood-tithed lands of Meiyerditch?

Only a daring, quick-witted agent with an eye for detail can hope to pick their way through the tumbled down slums of Meiyerditch.

Length Very Long
Items required


Enemies to defeat None — however, Vanstrom Klause (level 169) needs to be battled, and it is very possible to die.


Starting outEdit

Items required: 2 planks, 8 nails, hammer

  • Talk to Veliaf Hurtz in the Burgh de Rott pub basement. (Chat 4-1-1-2-3-4-5)
  • Run southeast of the pub until you find a house with a boat in it.
  • Use a plank on the boat and the boat chute.
  • Push the boat down the chute, then board it.
  • Climb northwest a short distance, then kick down the floor and go down.
  • Climb-over the wall rubble and talk to a citizen. (4-4-4)
  • Talk to Old Man Ral to the north. (4-4)
  • Climb-up the ladder in the building southwest of Old Man Ral.

Navigating MeiyerditchEdit

Click on the following actions to mark them as completed (Items Required: Knife)

Jump south to the floorboards.
Jump east to the floorboards.
Go to the north-east corner of the room, push the wall and go across the gap.
Crawl under the wall to the north.
Go north to the second room, look on the west side, push the wall and go across.
Go down the ladder.
Search the table next to the wall, open the trapdoor, and go underneath it.
Climb up the shelf.
Crawl under the wall to the east side.
Jump to the floorboards to the east.
Go down the ladder.
Search the pots near the eastern door to get a key and use it to open the door.
Go up the ladder in the room to the east.
Jump south to the floorboards.
Go east, south, west and climb up the shelves.
Go west and up the ladder.
Jump south again to the floorboards.
Walk a little to the southwest and down the ladder.
Go east through the rooms and across the washing line.
Climb down the ladder.
Push the wall to the north and walk across the floor.
Climb up the shelf to the north.
Climb down the shelf on the northeastern side, below the floor.
Jump to the floorboards to the north.
Jump to the floorboards to the north—again.
Go northwest and then east (around a gap in the floor) and jump to floorboards.
Climb up ladder.
Search the western wall to find the topmost part of a ladder.
Climb down the ladder you came up, then repair the nearby broken ladder using the ladder piece. Then climb down the fixed ladder.
(Now in sector 3.) Open the door and go north and slightly west, then north to a house with a fireplace in it.
Go west through the door into the next room, then north out of the house until you see barricades.
Go east past the sickle logo and the house directly south should have a ladder and a dog inside. Climb up the ladder.
Jump to the floorboards to the east.
Climb down the stairs.
Go south along the eastern side of the stairs. Search the wall. Use your knife on the wall, then push it.
Press the decorated wall from the southern side.
Open the lumpy rug.
Climb down the trapdoor to enter the hideout.

The Myreque BaseEdit

  • Run north and talk to Vertida Sefalatis. (3-4)
  • Take the message back to Veliaf Hurtz in Burgh de Rott. (1-3-4)

Ambush at PaterdomusEdit

Click on the following actions to mark them as completed

Talk to Drezel in Paterdomus. (5)
Take the west exit, past the monuments. Or, with level 65 agility, exit toward Canifis and take the shortcut up the side of the temple.
Search the bush in front of the church steps. Cutscene
Return to speak with Drezel.
Teleport to Varrock and talk to King Roald in the palace. (1-4) (1 to accept teleport to Paterdomus from Aeonisig Raispher)
Talk to Drezel. (2-3)
Talk to Veliaf Hurtz. (1-2-3-4)
Return to Meiyerditch and try to get caught by a Vyrewatch. (2) Choose: Send me to the mines!
Ask one of the miners for a pick. (3)
Mine 15 ore from the walls.
Use them on a minecart then talk to a guard.
Run to the house marked on this map to the right.
Path from meiyerditch mines
Go south through 3 doors and up the ladder.
Jump the floorboards, descend the stairs and enter the hideout.
Talk to Vertida (3-2).
Climb down the ladder, out the door, run south and climb over the wall rubble where you came in to Meiyerditch.
Run south and climb up the floor.
Run north up the slope and climb down the ladder.
Search the rocky surface.
Go north through the barricade and up the ladder.
Keep running north along the wall, up then down some ladders. Talk to Safalaan at the very end and make sure you have 4 free inventory spaces. (2-1)
Run west along the wall clockwise until you see a sickle on the north side of the wall.
Use the papyrus on the charcoal.
Do the same for the west and south sickles.
Cutscene. Let Vanstrom attack you a bit which will knock you out.
Go back and finish your final sketch.
Talk to Sarius if she didn't automatically talk to you when Vanstrom knocked you out
Use the mine technique to get back to the base. Switching worlds may help attract their attention.
Talk to Safalaan (1-4-5)

Locating the laboratoryEdit

  • Exit the base, climb up the stairs, jump the gap, then climb down the ladder.
  • Exit through the north door, walk west, then south, then open the door to the room with the fireplace.
  • Click the "Look-at" option on the fireplace.
  • Use your knife on the fireplace.
  • Read the message.
  • Just south of the fireplace, look at the portrait.
  • Use a knife on the portrait and search it for a Large ornate key.
  • Return to the Myreque base and talk to Safalaan again. (2)
  • Southeast of the mine exit in the largest house you'll find a bright, red and yellow tapestry.
  • Slash the tapestry with your knife.
  • Walk through it and use the key on the statue.
  • Climb-down the staircase and telegrab the Haemalchemy book - runes can be found in the rune case.
  • Return to the base and talk to Safalaan one final time and give him the book.

Finishing upEdit

  • Take the message from Safalaan to Veliaf in Burgh de Rott.
  • Quest complete!


Darkness of Hallowvale reward scroll

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