A Dataorb is a orb next to your minimap that shows some stats. There are three different Dataorbs. Some have funcions if you click on them.

The Dataorbs Edit

Hitpoints Dataorb Edit

The Hitpoints Dataorb shows you how many Hitpoints you have left.

Prayer Dataorb Edit

The Prayer Dataorb shows you how many Prayer points you have left. You can also use it as a Quick-prayer. To select a Quick-prayer, right click on the prayer Dataorb and click Setup Quick-prayer. If you click on the Dataorb, the Quick-prayer you selected wil activate.

Energy Dataorb Edit

The Energy Dataorb tells you how much Energy you have left. Energy is used for running. If you click on the Energy Dataorb you activate running. If you are already running, you can click the Dataorb to disable it.

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