A Dataorb is an orb appearing next to the player's minimap that shows some stats. There are three different dataorbs. Some have functions if the player clicks on them.

Players can hide or display their dataorbs under Advanced Options.

The DataorbsEdit

Hitpoints DataorbEdit

The Hitpoints dataorb shows how much Hitpoints the player has left. If the player is poisoned or envenomed, clicking the Hitpoints dataorb would cure it, provided they have any sort of anti-poison or anti-venom in their inventory.

Prayer DataorbEdit

Activating quick prayers

The Prayer dataorb shows how many many prayer points the player has left. It can also be used to activate Quick-prayers. Players can set up Quick-prayers by right clicking and selecting "Setup Quick-prayer". If Prayer dataorb is clicked, the chosen Quick-prayers would activate, and clicking it again would deactivate them.

Energy DataorbEdit


The Energy dataorb shows how much energy the player has left. Energy is used for running. It can also be used to toggle running if the player is walking and vice versa.

Special Attack DataorbEdit

Special attack orb

The special attack dataorb tells the player how much special attack energy they currently have. Unlike the other dataorbs, it has no click function.