Deep Wilderness Dungeon entrance map

Entrance to the Deep Wilderness Dungeon as it appears on the world map.

Deep Wilderness Dungeon

A player in the Deep Wilderness Dungeon.

The Deep Wilderness Dungeon can be found in the level 50 Wilderness. It may be entered via stairs in a broken house near the Mage Arena. The dungeon is a very decent way to train Slayer or Combat; however, caution should be taken as other players are still able to attack you. Player killers are quite common in the dungeon after the recent slayer update. Carrying valuable items is discouraged.

A crevice can be found near the staircases; this will take you straight to the fire giants. Use of this crevice requires completion of the medium tier of the Wilderness Diary.

Deep wilderness dungeon map
Location on World Map
Pirates' Hideout
Wilderness Agility Course Deep Wilderness Dungeon Mage Arena
Lava Maze


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