Defenders are off-hand weapons that are wielded in the shield slot and provide positive attack bonuses. To wield a defender, a player must have an Attack level high enough to wield a weapon of that metal and a Defence level high enough to wear an armour of that metal, with the exception of the Dragon defender which only requires 1 Attack to wield.

Defenders are non-tradeable. They can be obtained by killing the Cyclopes on the top floor of the Warriors' Guild (In order to enter, one's attack and strength must add up to 130 without boosts). Eventually a Cyclops will drop a bronze defender, and when a player has this, they need to go to Kamfreena (who is located on that floor) and show it to her. The next time that player enters, Kamfreena will inform the player that the Cyclopes will now drop the next level defender (iron). The player will then have to kill Cyclopes until they are lucky enough to receive this drop. This process is continued for steel, black, mithril, adamant, and rune until the player finally gets to the dragon defender. However, if a player drops their defender, most likely from death, they will need to start over. Because of this, it is wise for a player to keep their other defenders in their bank, so that they can show Kamfreena and start on the defender they dropped. For example, if a player loses his or her rune defender, but has an adamant defender in the bank, that can show her it and only have to work for the rune one, not all of them again. Multiple of the same defender can be obtained and many players choose to stock up on Dragon Defenders to avoid the hassle of obtaining another if the first is lost. The chance of obtaining a defender is 1/50; the only exception is the dragon defender, with a 1/100 drop rate.

Option responsesEdit

Examine option - "A defensive weapon."

Use defender on Kamfreena - "I have a (type) defender, please let me in to kill some more Cyclopes!"

Kamfreena responses -

  • "Bronze eh? The next cyclopes are ready, toddle in when you're ready."
  • "Wow, iron eh? The next cyclopes are ready, toddle in when you're ready."
  • "Strong as steel eh? The next cyclopes are ready, toddle in when you're ready."
  • "Black, hmmm, about half way to Rune then! Keep going! Cyclopes have been released, enter when you're ready."
  • "Mithril? Getting good at this aren't you? Ok, I've released those cyclopes that sometimes drop adamant defenders, enter when you're ready."
  • "An adamant defender, eh? Trying for the Rune defender I'm betting. Ok, I've released those cyclopes, enter when you're ready."
  • (Rune) "Well done, you truly are a brilliant warrior! I've released the cyclopes, enter when you're ready."

Lorelai responses -

  • "Congratulations you've found a Dragon defender! You're welcome to go back inside and try to get more."

Defender comparisonEdit

Image Defender Attack & Defence

level required

Attack Bonus Defence Bonus Other Bonus
White daggerWhite scimitarWhite warhammerMagic-iconRanged-icon White daggerWhite scimitarWhite warhammerMagic-iconRanged-icon Strength-iconPrayer-icon
Bronze defenderBronze1 +3 +2 +1 -3 -2 +3 +2 +1 -3 -200
Iron defenderIron1 +5 +4 +3 -3 -2 +5 +4 +3 -3 -200
Steel defenderSteel5 +7 +6 +5 -3 -2 +7 +6 +5 -3 -2 +10
Black defenderBlack10 +9 +8 +7 -3 -2 +9 +8 +7 -3 -2 +20
Mithril defenderMithril20 +10 +9 +8 -3 -2 +10 +9 +8 -3 -2 +30
Adamant defenderAdamant30 +13 +12 +11 -3 -2 +13 +12 +11 -3 -2 +40
Rune defenderRune40 +20 +19 +18 -3 -2 +20 +19 +18 -3 -2 +50
Dragon defenderDragon60 +25 +24 +23 -3 -2 +25 +24 +23 -3 -2 +60